J's Gathering SoCal Edition - SUNDAY JULY 20th - IT's OFFICIAL!! PICS!!!

Discussion in 'Event Coverage' started by Oyabun, Jul 23, 2008.

  1. Oyabun

    Oyabun New Member

    If your looking for pics. Theres none here!!!!!!! I'm looking for pics too!!!!!!! Just wondering when someone whom went is "GONNA POST SOME STINKIN' PICS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:smiley-rofl::smiley-rofl::smiley-rofl:
  2. aristo93

    aristo93 Active Member

    Ahhh what a tease!!!! I know someone has pics of this show???
  3. widebody_Q

    widebody_Q VSC Super Moderator

    Wow, your getting some negative rep points for that!

  4. VipDout

    VipDout Active Member

  5. Oyabun

    Oyabun New Member

    J's Gathering SoCal Edition - SUNDAY JULY 20th - IT"s OFFICIAL!

    :slap:About Damb Time James!!!!!!!!LOL!!!!!!!!!!! J/K!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:smiley-rofl: Cool Pics!!!
  6. VipDout

    VipDout Active Member

  7. 00scotty

    00scotty New Member

    JP scaras for life
  8. drftard

    drftard New Member

    james always coming in with the "gooods!"

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