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Discussion in 'Lexus/Toyota' started by Suprarztt, Apr 24, 2011.

  1. Suprarztt

    Suprarztt New Member

    Hey guys, so i already asked this on CL but for those who don't frequent there, i am also posting my question here. Does anyone have any experience with the JP Vizage kit for the UCF10?
    I've been searching for a while and can't find anything. Most of their other parts seem to fit pretty good on other vehicles, but im looking for someone with experience on the LS.

    This is what i am referring to:

  2. elpresidente

    elpresidente Administrator

    My advice, buy real aero. Not this monstrosity. Unless you're going for that early 90's vip look...then it's all you. But really..a company that calls themselves "JP" when they aren't "Junction Produce"...think it.

    What's funny is that this kit copies much of the actual JP kit (poorly I must add) and they have a warning about ebay sellers copying their kits...haha. IRONY.
  3. actolex

    actolex New Member

    In actuality, JP Vizage is not really a knock-off of Juntion Produce (JP stands for Japan Product). As a matter of fact, they manufacture for many OE kits in Japan for the domestic market. They've been around since the early 70's and are one of a few that make Poly kits in Japan.

    Hit me up if you need more info on the kit you're looking at.
  4. Suprarztt

    Suprarztt New Member

    Im just interested in the fitment and finish(gaps, wavyness, and how well it installs) on this particular kit. Haven't had much luck finding information for it.
    Spoiler can be ignored, i wont be getting that.

    It has pretty good reviews for other cars, just no info on this one.
  5. elpresidente

    elpresidente Administrator

    Style copied Mark..not blatant copy. I didn't say it was a ripoff, but it does look like cardboard imho...lacks style. It had nothing to do with their OE stuff...I just found it funny.
  6. shawnthemonster

    shawnthemonster King Moderator

    it just really looks like a photochopped insurance kit....
  7. VIPanda

    VIPanda New Member

    I think OJAY has that kit right?

    BLKVIP Member

    lol agree with mike. granted its fiberglass most likely so any body shop can or should be able to fit it. iv had both real n knockoff bumpers on my 240sx my cwest drft fit perfect, my buddys bomex knock off was complete shi*, n my last was a uras style knockoff fitment was pretty good. really is a hit or miss with knockoff kits.
  9. cheez80

    cheez80 New Member

    i'd say 90% of the time you're going to have to deal with issues on aftermarket stuff -- just save up a bit more beforehand for bodyshop labor and if the kit doesn't need and finessing, get another set of tires or something haha
  10. 2GSonAir

    2GSonAir New Member

    Looks like the same kit my boy Ojay has. Insurance copy.
  11. kingpin

    kingpin New Member

    Where in canada are you .. if you are on the west coast it should be easy to get a Kit from Japan that is real .. VS a replica :biggthumpup:
  12. OJAY

    OJAY Member

    true that. insurance copy
  13. OG

    OG Active Member

    this. not many kits like this left in production so it's easy to draw similarities to the couple others from the same period.
  14. Brandicus

    Brandicus VSC Super Duper Mod

    Im pretty sure the OP asked us if we had experience with the product, not what we think of its looks/our personal feelings. Keep it classy

    ztt, you want to contact a guy by the name of chrisngo, I believe he owned this actual kit and even painted it himself. Hes based somewhere in socal.
  15. CA562

    CA562 New Member

    it does look like ojay's insurance kit modified a bit


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  16. mdenoga

    mdenoga Active Member

    In this case, JP Vizage is in no relation to Junction Produce. JP Vizage is not a copy of Junction Produce as well. I've actually seen some JP Vizage kits and they are not as bad as you say. Bottom line its not my cup of tea as for the style of their kits but it isn't bad also. Its more of a knockoff from the Insurance kit.

    If I want a kit, I would buy something I like not what other people say I should run.
  17. elpresidente

    elpresidente Administrator

    I was referring mostly to the name. It is an Insurance knockoff, I knew it was a knockoff of something. I didn't take the time to search it out..but it's a knockoff one in the same. To support our vendors and the original parts producers, we don't recommend buying knock offs.
  18. urmyhero4now

    urmyhero4now New Member

    We support











    Leon Harddritt(sp)


    Who is the knockoff company? :shrug:
  19. BAHC

    BAHC New Member

    you forgetted blackfleet
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  20. Brandicus

    Brandicus VSC Super Duper Mod

    to me honestly it looks like a cross breed between the junction produce kit and the insurance

    front bumper is spot on, just the fogs are alittle different more like the jp (junct pro) ones

    rear only has dual cut outs, insurance has quad

    also the insurance kit has this lip indent that runs along the bottom of the lines which is absent on the jp.

    Really really close? sure, but a direct knockoff/copy? I personally dont think so

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