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Discussion in 'Interior' started by blakuza, Jul 20, 2012.

  1. blakuza

    blakuza VSC Vendor

    JP Curtains after about 9 months wow these were black lol
  2. F.L.S.

    F.L.S. New Member

    get what you pay for?? LOL, that sucks Mike. On the plus side, it's faded into a kind of cool color and they match the wood now.
  3. bhsuperlow

    bhsuperlow New Member

    wow that is pretty bad.. were these auth? or the ebay special?
    also do you leave your car out side? and any window tint?
  4. Wow no tint? Any ok window tint rejects 99.9% of uv.
  5. blakuza

    blakuza VSC Vendor

    Those are og's lol no tint it took about 9 months to get like that lol
  6. jdm4lyf

    jdm4lyf New Member

    That coffee brown color looks kind of dope. It could have been worst.
  7. joecurr

    joecurr New Member

    At least it faded evenly? Lol. Are they at least all the same color?
  8. SumYungM35

    SumYungM35 New Member

    Lol maybe im weird but id rock that color
    I sprayed mine with a uv fabric protectant may wanna look into that for next go round
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  9. PavelK313

    PavelK313 New Member

    Take a ribbon off and post a picture of that.
  10. romeo291

    romeo291 New Member

    Just get some permanent black dye and dye the thing black. Granted your logo will be black now, it'll still look fresh.
  11. mrbrian8

    mrbrian8 Member

    ^^^^ or don't die the tie offs and leave that copper color, kinda matches the wood idk

    DRIVESL0W New Member

    Interesting .. I wonder if there's any UV resistant dye that would prevent it from fading like that.
  13. mrbrian8

    mrbrian8 Member

    There is you can buy at your local fabric store, oddly enuff i use it on my bbq cover & my patio screen. I respray at every spring and it holds up pretty good (to texas sun and heat). Will not alter the color either i beleive it is safe for any fabric.
  14. ImportAngels

    ImportAngels New Member

    They make clear tint that blocks UV rays.
    That's what I'm getting or I will get 80% tint, very very light.
    Not only does it prevent fading your curtains but it prevents fading everything.
    You can even get your windshield tinted with this clear UV blocker tint.
  15. mrbrian8

    mrbrian8 Member

    @importangels.....can you get this online?

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  16. 4DGS

    4DGS New Member

    You'd think JP would be smart enough to UV coat their fabrics...
  17. ImportAngels

    ImportAngels New Member

    You probably could buy it online and do it yourself.
    But it is probably best to have it professionally installed.
    Just go to any tint shop, they'll do it for you.

    The tint to look for is called "Ceramic Film" - It blocks all UV rays.
    The standard stuff is 70% so it's basically clear.
    Or you can get one that lets in lower % of sunlight with some tint to it.

    Here is a link or some info.
  18. firelizard

    firelizard VSC Super Moderator

    Wow, that's awful, considering how much they charge for those. Then again, JP isn't necessarily high quality all the time...
  19. SPhoto

    SPhoto New Member

    I hate how fast these things take a beating. :thumbsdown:

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