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Discussion in 'Interior' started by bcherry, Jan 25, 2007.

  1. bcherry

    bcherry New Member


    I would like to change the Interior Color of the Xb.....

    But....I dont want a glossy finish on the dashboard or door panels....

    So I would like to know if there is any type of OEM Spray paint?
  2. Grant

    Grant New Member

    You can usually find 'wrinkle finish' paints at auto parts stores or you can order OEM paint colors in spray cans off I repainted a side mirror on my GF's Camry w/ a spray can and it matches good still 1 year later!

    But glossy finishes can be ok as long as you don't go overboard... I think it looks good for center consoles.
  3. suspended

    suspended New Member

    SEM nuff said ;-)
  4. bcherry

    bcherry New Member

  5. suspended

    suspended New Member

    SEM paint, google it, but paint shops around here in jax sell it, its like a 6 step process, but it looks like its the oem color for vinyl, plastics, etc, and if you do it right, its extremely durrable (my buddy did his and takes his fingernails to it to show it off)
  6. bcherry

    bcherry New Member

    I got a chance to talk to STEVE a Rep of SEM down in North Carolina......
    He gave me all the steps on how to do it.....But...
    Tempeture needs to be 70* is 20*
    No sanding or primer required.

    Once I get everything prep up.... I will post pictures....

    This is going to be a complete change for the Xb....
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  7. firelizard

    firelizard VSC Super Moderator

    70* Fahrenheit is roughly 20* Celsius..maybe that's why it's different?

    Which product is actually used? SEM has many...
  8. bcherry

    bcherry New Member

    Well to clean it SEM SOAP

    Then Prep...

    Plastic and Leather Prep

    Adhesion Promoter ( in plastic, 1st test in the back of dash board with lacker thinner,if the plastic gets sticky then use SAND FREE)

    Sand Free

    While that its still wet, use the 1st color coat.....cover about 60%
    this is so the sand free or adhesion promoter could tint

    then wait 15-20 min between color coats...until you reach desired color.....

    He also told me if the dash its to GLOSSY...( Low Luster Clear )
    Should do the trick....
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  9. firelizard

    firelizard VSC Super Moderator

    So any SEM color is useable?

    How is SEM different from using any other paint with an adhesion promoter? Are there advantages?
  10. suspended

    suspended New Member

    its actually made to basically "melt" into what your painting...also it leaves an oem look to it, doesn't shine too much, but not too dull, it makes it look ilke the vinyl was actually dyed and the plastics were actually that color into the mold ;-)..most i've seen either come out too shiny or too dull other then SEM ;-)
  11. bcherry

    bcherry New Member

    Would you be able to post some pictures?

    Where any of these vehicles XB?
  12. suspended

    suspended New Member

    i did some stuff in my old car as well as my box now, but it was on parts that i no longer have =(...sorry....i would just hit up the google honestly ;-)...i know a lot of people on scion boards are saying krylon fusion paint for painting their plastics....but it looks too shiny to me and you can tell it was painted...with that SEM, it seriously looks stock if done right ;-)

    good luck and post up some pics when you start ;-)
  13. bcherry

    bcherry New Member

    Well Im going to give it my see

    I own a black Cherry Xb..and I want the interior to be Tan with Brown.

    So Im going to do the Dash and Doors in tan.
    For door inserts Ill do Brown Suede.
    Im also going to do the Liner in Tan Suede.
    Carpet - Tan

    Seats ate going to be...Tan with Brown Inserts. (those are getting done proffesionally)

    Also adding wood trimming.

    I believe its going to give the box a new look interior wise....
  14. suspended

    suspended New Member

    if done right, that will be a really classy look keep the carpet blak in there? i think you'll be ok doing that honestly, but all the other ideas sound really classy, i think a red cherry wood would look good on there honestly, and i would stick with light and darker accents or vise versa, not all the same color tan personally....thats just me...deff. good luck and keep usposted ;-)
  15. bcherry

    bcherry New Member

    Well I will post pictures of what Im talking About.
    For the Wood Accents Im going with this kit
    TOYXBOX got it..he also told me its real wood.

    Also why should I keep the carpet black?
  16. firelizard

    firelizard VSC Super Moderator

    Easier (don't need to change carpet) and easier to keep clean looking, too.
  17. bcherry

    bcherry New Member

    So see I might change it...due to wear and color contrast reason
  18. InfamouslyDone

    InfamouslyDone New Member

    pictures please... i have a xB and want to see the tan...
  19. bcherry

    bcherry New Member

    I have no pictures yet cause i havent started...Its to cold out....

    Plus Im saving my $$$$ for the wheels

    once I get the stance...I ll then play with the interior....

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