inteior parts for the odysseey

Discussion in 'Interior' started by Kid Fit, Oct 24, 2006.

  1. Kid Fit

    Kid Fit New Member

    do u guys know where I can get some tables,curtains and seats covers for the us spec odysseey. Any help will do.
  2. Grant

    Grant New Member

    Anceltion makes generic fit curtains and ebay sometimes has them too. Also, Anceltion makes tables to fit alot of applications and there are universal fits on ebay sometimes as well...
  3. hipermax_d

    hipermax_d New Member

    remember ancelton and other makers make tables for RHD applications
  4. cruznody

    cruznody New Member

    What year Ody?
    I've got the 99-04 chasis, and was told that Garson's curtains are very much universal and will fit.
    As for the table, ...I was going to go to the local home depot and see what I can do!
    Other than that, In Japan the US 2nd gen. Ody is actually the Honda Lagreat RL1 and I was able to find a lot of stuff using that as my keywords in Japan searches. Good luck bro!
  5. bryan_exr

    bryan_exr New Member

    i have a set of odysseey curtains. let me know!

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