If you could get every dollar back from your entire VIP build...

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by jeebus, Jul 29, 2011.

  1. jeebus

    jeebus Active Member

    If by some divine miracle you could get every last dollar in cash that you’ve spent on your entire build back, what car would you go get today? I’ve narrowed it down to 2, both slightly pre owned.

    Audi S5
    C6 Z06 vette

  2. a.blanco0905

    a.blanco0905 New Member

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  3. BAHC

    BAHC New Member

    gtr or ls600
  4. Kohinoor

    Kohinoor VSC Super Moderator

    996 turbo or a CL65
  5. chik-n-little

    chik-n-little Member

    Porsche panamera
  6. jeebus

    jeebus Active Member

    Damn, I love the Panamera but forgot all about it. Probably is slightly over the price range of both cars I chose anyways.
  7. EXE.UCF10

    EXE.UCF10 Member

  8. cheez80

    cheez80 New Member

    on the lexus, i'd be able to buy... a ruckus LOLOL

    on the Q, i'd be able to buy... an f50 LOLOL

    my builds are cheap as fuck hahaha
  9. a.blanco0905

    a.blanco0905 New Member

    Lol... u a dl baller cheez.
  10. OG

    OG Active Member

    CPO CLS550 + Mods
  11. Kouki Monster

    Kouki Monster New Member

    I wouldn't sell it for something else, I would just buy something else lol and why would you wanna sell it anyway lol
  12. khanhdom

    khanhdom New Member

    maybe used aston martin vantage, new m3, s5, or ls460
  13. OG

    OG Active Member

    ^ good point. if i could have all the money back from the ls i would put it in the q. then i would buy the cls (or work on the titan, or buy w140, or buy r class, or something...).
  14. a.blanco0905

    a.blanco0905 New Member

    :dance: Kouki's ballin...
  15. speedaddict

    speedaddict bippu cowboy

    a honda pilot...stock
  16. Kouki Monster

    Kouki Monster New Member

    Naw no baller. Just work for what you want. I would rather have a bunch of awesome preowned than just one awesome brand new car
  17. a.blanco0905

    a.blanco0905 New Member

    I know AJ, I'm just kidding... I was just on craiglist looking at some cars that some years ago were my dream cars & now they're dirt cheap, lol... depreciation is what I hate the most about cars... that's why I love my 300zx, price only goes up.

    Saw a couple of 2002-03 745s in the low from 11k-15k and the mileage wasnt bad either... If I get the M done so proper that I dont even wanna drive it that much, I might get one of this for a daily, need to see how reliable they're past 100k miles tho.

    Saw an 06 CLS 500 for 22k with but that car doesnt even have a back up cam... I thought that car was gon b a classic when it came out but it's depreciating as fast as the U.S. debt is piling up.

    But honestly I own one of my dream cars already, my 300zx... when I was a teenager I always thought my dream cars were a Z32, a 93 RX 7 & a MKIV Supra, the trifecta.
  18. AGI@LuxuryAbstract

    AGI@LuxuryAbstract VSC Vendor

    Dont remind me. I will take a machine that will put my car back on the road instead

    PANCAKES! Most hated - DIVA...!

    LOL! great topic

    to stay on subject though
    my 2 (3)

    S550/600 AMG or black bison or stock
    Masaratti Grand Turismo
    Panamera Porsche

    ........or an NSX
  20. brainneeded

    brainneeded Active Member

    i think this true of all hobbies... sometimes i think of the money i spend on things and it boggles the mind. but at the end of the day, if you didn't enjoy it you wouldn't have done it. :biggthumpup:

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