How to paint Y33 wood grain>>>

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    Ok fellas I thought I would right up a how to paint Y33 woodgrain..

    Step 1) Clean the surface thoroughtly with soap and water.

    Step 2) You can sand the surface smooth if you want by using 250 grit sandpaper moving your
    way up to 800-100 girt..

    Step 3) Primor your part with a primer. I used a red/brown primer because I would be shooting a
    brown base.

    Step 4) Spray your first coat of cordova brown.

    step 5) second coat of cordova brown

    step 6) third and final coat of cordova brown

    Step 6) Putting on the wood grain pattern. LEt me first off say that real wood is inperfect and
    and no to peaces are exactly the same. When your duplicating wood grain don't get
    cought up in it needs to look exactly the same as the other side or the other parts..the
    patterns should be different so it appears more realistic in the end.
    Poor some black opaque paint onto a plate. Get two plastic bags (gorcery bags) ready
    scrunch the plastic bag into a ball like the one in the picture. Dab it onto the black
    paint and apply to a test spot on like a peace of paper or paper plate. this way you can
    lift off some of the black. Now dab the plastic bag with the black paint onto the part using
    a swirling pulling method.(you may want to practice this first) Now get the clean bag and
    press and wipe onto the paint you just applied lifting off some of the black paint..its okay
    if you take off alot as this is a layering process to give depth. continue on until you
    have reached a desired pattern you like.

    Step7) Its time to use the air brush..if you dont have one use a thin paint brush.
    Now use the same black paint and air brush burls into the grain..small large and medium
    size..paint swirls,darken areas, paint deeper lines and dark spots..this all inhances the look
    and gives depth.

    Step 8) Time for a light coat of transparent red candy. THis will bring out the depth of the black
    and bring out that brown..also when you snap photos this will also bring out that redish
    look you get from the oem color.

    Step 9) Clear COating. This will add that nice glossy look and protect your paint. Alos as you
    spray the coats you will notice the colors get richer and deeper..First coat of clear

    Step 10) Second coat of clear
  2. zion_97

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    How to paint wood grain for Y33 continue


    Step 11) Third coat of clear

    Step 12) fourth and final coat of clear coat of clear..see how deep and rich the wood looks now.
    [​IMG] Super Glossy...

    This thechnique can be used with just about any color wood,,just need to substitute colors of paint. Use your best judgement..

    Well this techinique is not super hard to do, it does require some practice and if not some prior airbrush painting expierence would help..if you do not have acess to an airbrush use a thin paint brush to paint your burls..just use a cloth to or plastic bag to lift off acess paint. or simply dont add burls into the pattern..

    Rember if your not going to be looking at the wood all the time think do I need to sand this surface smooth and waiste time and money. IF you will be looking at it all the time then I would reccomend samding it down smooth to match your other peices..but once agian this is not going to be a perfect match. IT will be close but not a perfect if you are looking at duplicating your oem wood call local dealership and get wood colors find a hydrographics printer...

    finished product installed

    PANCAKES! Most hated - DIVA...!

    NICE WORK!!!! :biggthumpup:
    I'll be sending my parts for you to do! :smiley:
  4. zion_97

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    hhaaa go for will be pimpn in cali with the custom wood grain! shit would look hella sweet on your black interior.....:dance:
  5. VIPete

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    Awesome DIY. Thanks for posting this. I'm sure you've started something!!!

    Keep up the great work.
  6. zion_97

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    Well I figured everybody allways talks crap about the vynal wood kits and what not..So I thouhgt I would do this and let you all know how to do it. I have had a few members ask me to do theres and I dont mind at all but I do charge for my time and figured it would just be cheaper for folks to do it them selves and save the cost of labor. The ones that want to pay and send me there stuff, thats cool and the ones that want to take a stab at it and do it yourself is what I am pushing for..its allways a great feeling when you do something appreaciate it more.....
  7. mdenoga

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    Nice job Rich. Keep it up.

    PANCAKES! Most hated - DIVA...!

    FYI-My interior is the same color as yours, not black!
    If your talking about me?!
  9. zion_97

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    oh I thought it was black....oooooooooooooooops
  10. illest300c

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    siiiick how to.. love em! thanks for the tip!
  11. firelizard

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    Pretty awesome How-To! That's a pretty darn convincing effect..but I'm curious - why leave the leather texture?
  12. elpresidente

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    He stated it in his how-to:
    And again..well done Rich.
  13. VIP-UCF

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    very nice got one hell of imagination...AND A LOT OF TIME ON YOUR HANDS...haha, j/k
  14. firelizard

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    Ahh, okay, I missed that. Thanks.
  15. zion_97

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    VIP-UCF,, my mind never stops..I am one of those folks that needs only 4-5 hours of sleep then I wake up and ready to go.
    I allways have been like this and sometimes it does get tireing but sometimes I do get good ideas as well. As a kid I use to take radios
    and all kinds of electronics a part just to see how they worked and what not..When I was only about 12 I built my first mini half pipe by myself...I have allways been into making things better or just keeping busy. I think its brain excersise...maybe thats why my mind is still fresh while some of my boyz are brain dead from booz and mota....hee hee heee..*)

    Thanks for the complaments guys and I encourage you guys to try this or something new..THe gradifaction you get out of it is second to none and it really is not that hard..
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  16. VIP-UCF

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    right on zion...our minds think try to tackle your fenders...haha...
  17. zion_97

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    na fook that...I know my limitations:pat: I allready tried once..I better let the pros tackle that..

    PANCAKES! Most hated - DIVA...!

  19. zion_97

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    Now all you 99-01 Q owners can have your center consoles painted to match the rest of the car..don't know why they ever left out wood in this area..always wondered why.:shrug:

    PANCAKES! Most hated - DIVA...!

    I always wonder that too! :pat:

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