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  1. zion_97

    zion_97 Banned

    Ok Fellas you all had wanted a write on how to install VIP curtains..I took the liberty of writeing this up for you guys..I hope it helps..

    Step 1
    Get some rubbing Alchohal and clean all the insdie panels of your window frame.

    Step 2 (SKIP THIS STEP if your set of curtains came with a metal rail for the top and/or bottom).
    I used a heat gun to warm up the plastic rails so the bend at the top easier.

    Detach 3m tape from rail and place it along the edge of the top window frame.
    YOu will notice on your car that the top curves so you will have to setback the rail inill there is no curve.

    Step 4
    Detach 3M tape from rail and do the place it about a 1/4" from the edge(window side)
    The reason you dont place it right on the edge like the top is that if you look at your window trim on a Y33( and I am sure all vevhicels are simiar) it is slighyl inward vs the bottom..thus giving you better allignment with the top. also if you place the plastic rail on the edge when the window rolls up it will smash the fabric.

    Step 5
    Place the clip where you will put your curtain ties on. try to line it up with the top and bottom and at the ege of the window seal..

    Step 6
    Attach the curtains to the top and bottom rails like so..

    Step 7
    Pull the tie through the clip and wrap your curtains. Spread them out so they look pretty.

    Step 8 Close door and see results..

    This install is very very easy. It took me like 10-15 a side..NOw time to do the rest.
    Hope you guys likey.
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    PANCAKES! Most hated - DIVA...!

    I guess this means you finally got your curtains!!! Hahahahahaha!
    The white is looking very clean and sexy! Let me know how clean it will last!
  3. elpresidente

    elpresidente Administrator

    I have always liked the white curtains as they were what came stock on the President and Century.
  4. Miyabita_Y33

    Miyabita_Y33 Member

    I like the white. something different on here. Great write-up you never stop zion

  5. Benji

    Benji VSC Super Moderator

    Nice write-up. Those white curtains look good.
  6. mebippu

    mebippu New Member

    that looks amazing. i got green tint too and been looking for white curtains any tip to where i can get some?
  7. zion_97

    zion_97 Banned

    Here is some more photos after I was done with the whole car..But beware I am not done..you know me and bling so I am gooing to custom make something for the inside of the staps..heeeheeeeheeee. I will post when I am done...

  8. mdenoga

    mdenoga Active Member

    Great job Rich! Looking good. Thanks for the thread.
  9. SikNLow

    SikNLow Awesome VSC Administrator

    That's an awesome job.... makes me want a white ride just to be able to do that to! I like the fact that you included nice crisp and clean pics!!! So now the obvious question......when are you going to bling out the rails on the inside so when you're looking out with the curtains gathered you see life all "chiney" (a la Mexican)
  10. kuni808

    kuni808 New Member

    Thanks for a great write up. i was always wondering on how to install the curtains. now only wondering if i should pick up a set since i have like dark tint, cant even see them. White looks sweet!!!great write up !!!
  11. zion_97

    zion_97 Banned

    damn bro we must thinkg alike or something...I was thinking about that but I am not sure if that is just to much..thats alot of rail on all 4 wheels...I was thinking more or less to make some thing that ties the crystals the stock strap and use some hooks that will hang the crystals dowm...I dunno I was also thinking about removing all my bling..This car is starting to get very flashy inside and out and I was trying to escape the Hey look at me I am a Over wieght Super Pimp,,but its kinda hard now with these huge ass chrome wheels...I have not had this much attention since my suburban 2 years ago.....
  12. zion_97

    zion_97 Banned

    Thanks and no problem with the write up..It was my pleasure! Anything to help VSC and VIP
  13. jameslim8

    jameslim8 New Member

    thanks for sharing......
  14. nomad

    nomad Member

    Thanks for the write up
    You've confirmed what I was planning anyway but, it's nice to know there's no special tricks to undertake

    I just recieved my curtains today and will be installing them (with added confidence) tomorrow

    I am lucky the window frames are quite straight and square'ish' on my old benz so I won't need to reshape the rails, well...maybe the back window curtain may need to be shaped a little

    Thanks, again
  15. Benji

    Benji VSC Super Moderator

    I'll add that this write-up is very helpful. For the Anceltion curtains, there are some differences. My Anceltion curtains came with both top and bottom metal rails so I only had to bend and form the top rail to fit after prepping the surface with some alcohol. No need for a heatgun. I noticed your rails have a stopper on the ends, where my Anceltion ones do not, but they came with additional hooks that can be screwed into the rail ends, though, I had to clip the non-endhooks and sew the endhooks in, a little bit of additional work for the Anceltion ones to make them not slide off the rail ends.
  16. {-.-}

    {-.-} New Member

    Came out NICE ........:thumbsup:

    How about a picture w/ the curtians closed.
  17. SikNLow

    SikNLow Awesome VSC Administrator

    like you said it's only because of the chrome wheels for now, just wait till you powdercoat them then you'll get a different feel for your ride with the bling. Don'tbail on me now man!!! I got bling in the works and my girl is almost done (bless her little crafts loving heart) hahaahha I think even you'll be proud of this one. here'sa teaser pic....

  18. ebruce2

    ebruce2 New Member

    the white is so, so pimp! I love it! Awesome writeup as well.

    One concern though: with the wear, dirt, oils from peoples grubby hands, etc. I would take these down right away and get at least three or four good coats of 3M Scotchgard on them. It will also help them to not turn yellowish over time.
  19. RaCinStylez

    RaCinStylez VSC Super Moderator

    wow, those curtains are niiice
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  20. zion_97

    zion_97 Banned

    Good Idea about the scotch guard..I really dont think I will have a problem with them getting dirty..The only one in my car are myself and sometimes my kids..and they no better than to touch Daddys toys..HOnestly..they are good kids and respect my car as they see how much work I am allways putting into it..They actually get all happy when I
    get things in the mail just like me...And friends can ride in thier own car..I ride solo most of the time..

    Heres a recent update. added these buttons on to the ties.
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