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Discussion in 'Interior' started by driftonedge, Nov 23, 2007.

  1. Dominik

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    Ok, this is going to sound selfish but here's the deal. With this forum now starting to attract more and more non-vip styled cars I shudder to think of SUVs and hatchbacks etc sporting $2 home made Fusa's because the are the latest hot trend. Even more shudder-inducing would be the thought that i was the one who showed them how to do it.

    I feel that there are 2 reasons you would hang one of these knots from your mirror: 1. you want to add a finishing touch to a vip (or vip styled) car, or 2. you are completely immersed in Japanese culture/religion.

    for (1) you would have no problems paying $50 for a real one
    for (2) you would have no problems finding the links like i did.

    So for that reason i am not going to post the links for all to see.
  2. brianlester

    brianlester New Member

    Fair 'nuff!
  3. Paul

    Paul New Member

    very good point Dominik.
  4. tbrack

    tbrack New Member

    I was on a business trip around Asia and picked up some 100% authentic local knots from each region I visited. Hong Kong, Beijing, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, and Taiwan (in no particular order)

  5. chrispy

    chrispy Active Member

    I'm getting pretty good at tying kiku knots now. I just gotta find a place that sells good tassels now.
  6. ClutchOne

    ClutchOne Member

    True or False...

    Ok, This is a TRUE or FALSE Question that I have Herd Several Times,
    So Please ONLY OG Members/ Mods here can Answer.
    The Reason I Want Them To Answer is Hopefully I/We Can Get the True Defination Of The Fusa.

    OK... True or False.

    The Knots in the Fusa is a Symbol of a Members Status in the Yakuza Family.

    Please Only OGs Answer.... :rules:
  7. gohkal

    gohkal New Member

    There are a couple sellers on Ebay that sell the rope/tassels for Japanese swords. I know they sell them in every color of the rainbow.
  8. Dominik

    Dominik VSC Super Moderator

    False. Well, as far as i know anyway. Its a religious thing, not a status thing.

    I could be wrong though, and perhaps there is a newbie here who can answer that for sure :smiley-rofl:
  9. VipDout

    VipDout Active Member

    This is from a couple different sites about the JP Fusa..

    "FUSA" is the one of most JAPANESE style accessory they make.
    Its origin comes from traditional festival "DANJIRI " which has been held at south part of Osaka Japan from ancient days.

    The Fusa represents the Danjiri Festival which happens in Southern Part of Osaka, Japan which is where Junction Produce started and is home to. JP started to "sport" the Fusa as a sense of pride for where they are from and also it is like a good luck charm or prayer in regards to you. As soon as JP started sporting the Fusa, it caught on very quickly and became a symbol for VIP cars everywhere even if they were not from Osaka.

    The Kintsuna and Gitsuna also comes from the Danjiri festival. On the big "wooden car" they use in the Danjiri festival, they also hang a "gold and silver rope" as well. Kintsuna's and Gitsuna's come in gold and silver repectively ... since the english translation of Kintsuna is "gold rope"and Gitsuna is "silver rope"

    both the Fusa and Kintsuna is symbolic for the hometown of Junction Produce.
  10. ClutchOne

    ClutchOne Member

    Def Not a Newbie Question....

    I Know About the Mystic Knot and How It Symbolizes the Cycle of Life, There is No End or Start Point In Life. This is the Repsentation of Never Ending Cycle In Buddhism.
    Since I Dont Know Alot about the Knots. I will have to Search and Study More Info.
    (Im not a Know It All, Im Just Curious on What I Dont Know)
    So Here is what I have Found So Far...

    There are 11 "Basic" Diffrent Knots.

    The Kiku Knot design is a more modern 6 loop knot with an emphasis on the Central Knot.

    The Fusa Knot (Japanese) is a Four Knotted Tassles hanging from the Roof of a Dohyo; Symbolizing the Four Seasons.

    The Hanamusubi Knot (Japanese) tends to Focus on Individual Knots with Greater Emphasis on the Braids.

    The Agemaki Knot (Chinese) is the most traditional knot pattern. Dated as far back as the Warring States Period (481-221 BCE)

    The tassel's design was originally a charm that decorated the helmets of soldiers in ancient Japan. It is a form of 'Good Luck' charm. It is more specifically a religious (specifically Shinto) symbol of abundant harvest. It is likely a derivation of the buddhist 'mystic knot', which, having no end, symbolizes the infinite wisdom of buddha.

    It's Roots are in the Danjiri Matsuri (Danjiri Festival). The festival can be traced back to 1703 when the feudal lord of Kishiwada, Okabe Nagayasu prayed to Shinto gods for an abundant harvest at Fushimi Inari-taisha in Kyoto."

    VIP heads go back to the Roots cause they were the farm owners. (which made them baller, later down the family line). and the knots of the kiku represented clouds, and the tassels represented rain, therefore brings harvest to their farm which = Money.

    The Question is Does the Knotts also have a Symbol of Status Dispayed in the WindShield of Yakuza..???

    Of Course This is Something I was Told, Im Unsure It is True, Since I Know of Two Diffrent Meanings.

    (True or False)

  11. ClutchOne

    ClutchOne Member

    Buying Mine Direct!!!

    Just From This Information Alone Im Not Making Mine by Hand,

    Im Going to Buy Mine From Junction Produce Just Out of Respect.
  12. kaizer

    kaizer New Member

    Don't forget to get some incense and pray em twice daily too! That's the asian way fo respect...
  13. unknown007

    unknown007 Member

    Homemade Fusa's

    Cellphone pics for now.It's late and i tried so many times.From 11pm to 12:45am WOW!!!It kept coming undone until i got it.What you think so far?Im planning on buying white rope like that because this ones gold.




    P.S.To make this the key is "PATIENCE" trust me you'll need alot of it for the first trys.I taped them in place and even put pins until i just some how made it lol.:shrug:
  14. urmyhero4now

    urmyhero4now New Member

    please tell me you are not going to run that on your car.
  15. unknown007

    unknown007 Member

    I'm going to try it and see how it looks.It's my first so i know it sucks.I don't want any gold so most likely im not.=)

    Why would it kill the style?LOL J/P.

    Can't wait until i get my JP Fusa thought.:saiyancrunks:
  16. m0nster986

    m0nster986 New Member

    no one will ever know...
  17. fresh

    fresh New Member

    haha fusa was the last thing i got for my car. first suspension then wheels then exhaust tails grill stereo hello kitty then fusa haha
  18. burgy

    burgy New Member

    Just get one at temple and have it blessed by the monks while you are at it....I actually have a JP one in my girls car but thats because I got it for $24 bucks shipped. I like it, but at the same time I won't pay a ton of cash (subjective # as well) for one when it is a mass produced accessory that a company is profiting on rather than an actual Buddhist religious symbol blessed by the Monks. <--No JP product will ever be as "Genuine" as that
  19. alwayzspeedin

    alwayzspeedin New Member

    what if i hang this on my mirror
  20. VipDout

    VipDout Active Member

    haha epic, love that

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