Homemade and various other Fusa's

Discussion in 'Interior' started by driftonedge, Nov 23, 2007.

  1. Paul

    Paul New Member

    ...because although its roots are in Japan its fashion is now associated with VIP auto styling, not just being Japanese.

    However i do understand your point. Just yesterday I purchased something similar to a Fusa after learning of its roots in Buddhist beliefs, and its Feng Shui orgin.

    That was my buying motive, and that transcends nationality.
    I don't know if i'll actually hang it in the car, i might just put it up in the house.
  2. kaizer

    kaizer New Member

    Why I'm saying that is coz from what I know, even Japanese will put those emulet hanging on the rear view mirror...

  3. gohkal

    gohkal New Member


    That is some dangerous stuff. I know they do a similar event during the Gion Festival in Kyoto city (http://youtube.com/watch?v=CI4C-DRxH9o) Although the shrine they pull is like 4 times bigger and its been slowed down for tourists. The problem with these shrines is that they don't have front wheels that turn, so they topple over if they take a turn too quickly.

    Back on topic, I would like to see some the DIY knots that people are coming up with. Please keep us posted!
  4. Dominik

    Dominik VSC Super Moderator


    But i rock a JP one in my car.
  5. brianlester

    brianlester New Member

    ^That looks good! Time to do some Saturday afternoon shopping!
  6. Razzi

    Razzi New Member

    so for anyone who has a JP fusa, what's it feel like? cause i got a pair of jeans from xpress and a pair of jeans from old navy, and i can tell the difference there
  7. kaizer

    kaizer New Member

    Well, u can tell the difference most of the time between a homemade and JP's... Again it's the attention th details that makes the difference in VIP styling.
  8. VIPFlame

    VIPFlame Member

    I can't tie knots for shit! How did you do that? Got a how to? I know your good at that stuff.
  9. Dominik

    Dominik VSC Super Moderator

    Exactly... The difference is in the quality of the tassles, and of course the rope. Before i got the JP one, i had another one that i got from Robert (i.e. {-.-}) which was not branded, but it was from a famous shrine. That actually felt better than the JP one! Tassles were silky and soft, and it was made with some high quality rope.

    The tassles on these $2 ropes are pretty nasty

    Here's another one i made on the weekend:
    This one is actually around the same size as the JP one, but I wouldnt put it on a car. My house is now VIP yo!

    VIP Flame, YGPM
  10. kaizer

    kaizer New Member

    Hi Dom, wondering why is the two side knots protuding more than the rest? Is that a different knot style?

  11. Dominik

    Dominik VSC Super Moderator

    The fusa that came from the shrine was like that. I prefer that shape personally... Even though the JP one has all 6 'nodes' the same size
  12. kaizer

    kaizer New Member

    OIC... That's a cool fact.

    So it seems JP did modify it somewhat and sell then. Interesting!
  13. Razzi

    Razzi New Member

    i think the wider sides help offset the longer string and hanging tassles
  14. Paul

    Paul New Member

    buddah buddah buddah buddah rawkin ev'ry whur

    heres a couple (crappy) pics of the one i got, i wrote about it a few posts back.

    its got a ingot made of jade, and a mystic knot made of jade, along with the traditional knots made from silk. it was crammed into a small box, so the tassels look kinda wrinkly from being folded. i just opened it a few hours ago, hopefully the silk will relax soon, once it's allowed to hang.

    i'm happy with it!
  15. Dominik

    Dominik VSC Super Moderator

    LoL, thats not a fusa, thats a chinese rope knot!

    Seen on 90% of camrys and corollas in Sydney...
  16. kaizer

    kaizer New Member

    I'm impress Dom! You know your knots man... cool.

    Hi Paul, no worries. It's good to have an oriental touch in the car. That's cool too.

    BTW, I'm chinese! :p
  17. Paul

    Paul New Member

    Ya i know its not a Fusa, but i like it.
    if you scroll to my post on the top of this page you'll see where i wrote:

    like i said before thats why i bought it. I can identify more with the Buddhist Mystic knot, than I can with the Japanese culture behind the Fusa.
  18. chrispy

    chrispy Active Member

    Dominik, wanna post a DIY for tying kiku knots?
  19. brianlester

    brianlester New Member

    x2!! Please!! LOL! I just came back from a fabric store that had some similar looking products. I can't for the life of me figure out those knots!
  20. kaizer

    kaizer New Member

    There's a howto posted in the old forum. While I was googling for the howto, I stumbled upon this site. Quite interesting...


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