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Discussion in 'Interior' started by Gm0_M45, Feb 22, 2011.

  1. Gm0_M45

    Gm0_M45 New Member

    i lost on of the little hook shape pieces that holds the strap on my JP curtains..

    the one that sits vertical on the door frame...

    does anyone know where i can find something similar or would anyone have any extras i can buy?! lmk!

  2. J.kuza

    J.kuza New Member


    Does anybody know where I can buy the RAILING. that holds the curtains. My kid got to it and lost it or thrown away. :pat: that sucks. :signdammit:
  3. plusonechoi

    plusonechoi New Member

    i would probably just contacting JP directly first. might be a little more expensive directly but you're getting something that fits right
  4. romeo291

    romeo291 New Member

    They sell all kinds of hooks at the hardware stores, just go through and look for something that could work. I know I've seen some pretty cool looking metal/chrome hooks before. Those could look pretty nice as a substitute. Or, maybe you can make it out of wood, and stain it to match your woodgrain. :shrug:

    BLKVIP Member

    i know my Garson one's i can get each part if needed. so im guessing like some said email JP see what they say.

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