Help!!! 97 q45 to 99 q45 dashboard swap

Discussion in 'Interior' started by Ferndog760, May 29, 2013.

  1. Ferndog760

    Ferndog760 New Member

    So I found another q45 with all black interior but it's a 1997. Mine is a 1999 and most of the buttons are different like the a/c controls. My question is will this work out if I swap them? Has anyone done this before?
  2. dzznuts671

    dzznuts671 Member

    I believe the only thing that you have to wire diff is the clock but everything else should work. Might have to split or extend some wire connections due to diff location but all the plugs should be the same. One of my homies swapped out his interior also I think. It's been awhile tho. Everything else in the interior is a straight swap.
  3. Ferndog760

    Ferndog760 New Member

    Alright cool ima see what's up with it. Thanks for the info.
  4. Mr jdm

    Mr jdm New Member

    Shouldn't be a problem
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  5. Mr jdm

    Mr jdm New Member

    Hmn not sure why you would wanna run the 97-98 ac controls that shit is ugly. Just use the dash and whatever black pieces for the swap and keep your 99 AF controls w the clock. Besides I've seen dudes put the 99 up Ac controls in a 97-98 and from what I can tell its plug and play. At worst case scenario you might have to swap the dash harnesses if your 99 cluster and ac controls arnt plug and play. Good luck w the swap though. I looked for a y33 for over a year w a black interior so I wouldn't have to swap it.
  6. J.kuza

    J.kuza New Member

    Right now I'm using 99-00 Ac control. Everything works but the clock. I think I'm going back to my 97-98 since its all wood. Plus I don't wanna mess with wirings. Once something goes that's it. You'll be stressed out. Good luck.

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