have kids? don't want them? leave em in nebraska!

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  1. brainneeded

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    lol found this on a local forum and thought i'd share.


    cliffs for the lazy and/or illiterate: nebraska proposes and passes a safe haven law, effectively allowing parents, usually teen parents, to take their infants to hospitals and leave them in their care/authority. but there's no age limit and people been dropping off kids of all ages, and not a single infant has been left in the care of a hospital. lmao!

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  2. MoWGLi

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    El Oh El.

    I can't even think of anything to say. This is so rediculous.
  3. mrkidd

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    crazy.......if my aunt seen this she might fly out there....lol
  4. vzuptnguyen

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    this is dumb and a waste of tax payers good money.

    why cant americans raise there kids like the rest of the world and give a good beating. =]

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