Grape Jelly TL

Discussion in 'VIPstyled Cars' started by vipTL, Oct 13, 2010.

  1. chik-n-little

    chik-n-little Member

    So hard......(no homo)...!

    "Your sister is hot but your mom does that thing with her tongue"
  2. psyk0tic808

    psyk0tic808 New Member

    your TL is dope...really diggin those VIP Modulars
  3. Urangeave

    Urangeave New Member

    Looking Legit. I love the color combo
  4. vipTL

    vipTL New Member

    thanks guys, i personally went with gold so it would stand out more, the old wheels did not have any pizzaz

    the stickers Rodney i wish were not there personally but they are all sponsors, required for sema haha

    thanks to

    VIP Modular wheels
    Toyo Tires
    Accuair Suspension
    Ksport Suspension
    Odyssey Batteries
    NOS Energy Drink
    Creative Recreation
    3T Motorsports
  5. vipTL

    vipTL New Member

    Better pictures Most are from the more recent AutoFashion Meet

  6. ap716

    ap716 New Member

    wow looks awesome
  7. projecty33

    projecty33 New Member

  8. airmax

    airmax VSC Super Moderator

    i think this is my fav TL
  9. romeo291

    romeo291 New Member

    ^co-sign, definitely of the dopest TLs I've seen.
  10. vipTL

    vipTL New Member

    here is a few from Autocon 2011
  11. chik-n-little

    chik-n-little Member

    Those headlights are clear as hell likey

    "Your sister is hot but your mom does that thing with her tongue"

    L3GDKANG/JDM-KANG New Member

    clean color combo
  13. slvrstrk

    slvrstrk New Member

    Definitely dig it!! Nice work!
  14. NET

    NET Member

    awesome fitment.
    def one of the best TL's i've ever seen. Fuck. your attention to detail is amazing.

    wheel and tire specs? stretch looks serious..
  15. vipTL

    vipTL New Member

    thanks guys the fronts are 18x10 on 215/40/18 and the rears are 18x11.5 on 245/40 18. However i do plan to drop the rear tires to 255/35/18.
  16. TX_250

    TX_250 New Member

    love your car!!!
  17. vipTL

    vipTL New Member

  18. chik-n-little

    chik-n-little Member

    Congrats on your feature, well deserved...

    "Your sister is hot but your mom does that thing with her tongue"
  19. t0fudelivery

    t0fudelivery New Member

  20. bagged lex

    bagged lex New Member

    car looks amazing love the color

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