Got my JP neck pads today

Discussion in 'Interior' started by 325irollin, Aug 13, 2010.

  1. 325irollin

    325irollin New Member

    and I must agree that they are big and make your neck/back hurt lol. I think my seats are just shorter than seats in the real VIP cars so I have to sit weird to get it on my neck since I'm almost 6 feet tall. They look great though! Got a JP sunvisor which I love. Thanks for the fast shipping autofashion!
  2. Damicci

    Damicci VSC Super Moderator

    Yeah the neck pads are huge but I guess depends on person and car. I have custom neckpads now but were designed based on JP ones. And Everybody loves how they feel in the car.
  3. VI IX

    VI IX Active Member


    just lean your chair back more
  4. 325irollin

    325irollin New Member

    For sure! :dance:
  5. BAHC

    BAHC New Member

    i think the JP ones are EXTREMELY comfortable, and the smaller ones that other brands carry just dont compare.

    BLKVIP Member

    im not 6ft but i also have them and i think they make me seat lower like i have to slide down a bit rather than sit upright, but i also have the hip pads so all in all :biggthumpup: lol
  7. lexES300

    lexES300 Member

    Had my JP neckpads for awhile now! They work great when you lay back the seat all the way and take a quick snooze! But the foam inside isn't as soft as the Bellezza neckpads! The Bellezza has like a memory foam inside them! But I bought the JP instead because they are cheaper and look way better!:biggthumpup:
  8. silos5

    silos5 New Member

    had jp pads for more then a year now. First on Accord, and now on 98 LS400. Love them. Yeah, they are not soft, but its not a problem for me. Actually I dont use them while driving, but while just sitting in the car - :biggthumpup:.
    yes, it depends on the seat height and the personĀ“s height.
    Tested jp pads in the Honda Legend coupe and they didnt fit at all, seat were tooo low.
  9. BAHC

    BAHC New Member

    they really break in. give it a while and youll be falling asleep while driving if youre not careful
  10. 4drferio

    4drferio New Member

    id need some of those in my gs
  11. burgy

    burgy New Member

    my wife has the limited edition Sakura Sessions and they are MUCH smaller and they fit her perfect. The JP ones would be WAY to big for her. I am making my own and they will be inbetween the JP and the Sessions...
  12. vipka9

    vipka9 New Member

    i get mixed reactions with the jp neck pads in my car. i had them in the front seats but then i didnt feel comfortable with them on so i moved them to the back.. some people love them and some hate them. personally for me i love them when my seats are all the way back and im using them to lay down. They do break in and they feel great after that. when i first got them i was kind of sad how hard they where. but after a couple weeks they feel good!

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