got my dash table in...

Discussion in 'Interior' started by RASRX7, Apr 22, 2006.

  1. RASRX7

    RASRX7 New Member

  2. jstyle

    jstyle New Member

    Looks good .
    Is it custom made?
  3. Brandicus

    Brandicus VSC Super Duper Mod

    looks good :crazy2:

    you put it in yourself? how much did that run you?
  4. Pagong

    Pagong VSC Super Moderator

    My Shaldan....the best :smitten:
  5. magicmanjk808

    magicmanjk808 New Member

    did someone named ron make that for you?
  6. bBOXD

    bBOXD New Member

    Yup looks like Ron's work to me.
  7. RASRX7

    RASRX7 New Member

    hahah..funny my names ron too...i didnt check to see who made it...but i took an existing one and modded it to fit into my q. the price was ok enough for me to do it wo out being to painful...i was going to import one, but paying so much to get it in, and then still having to mod it to fit left hand drive was not worth it. this one works well technically is custom made and i customized it more to install it and too fit better..its really still rough around the edges, but thats where the trial and error works out... ;)
  8. uncle_el

    uncle_el New Member

    looks like celine's enjoying the table! :D
  9. Benji

    Benji VSC Super Moderator

    Your definetely Filipino if you know about that. :) Nice table btw. How is it mounted?
  10. RASRX7

    RASRX7 New Member

    brakets bolted to the glove box door.
  11. bBOXD

    bBOXD New Member

    My Shaldan! WOOO WOOOO!
  12. Pagong

    Pagong VSC Super Moderator

    You know My Shaldan used to have a scent called wasnt orange, but it was citrusee....I wonder if they discontinued it.
  13. RASRX7

    RASRX7 New Member

    still available so far..
  14. TLontheDL

    TLontheDL VSC Super Moderator

    can you take a picture of the brackets? I want to see exactly how it is held on and what it is bolted to. muchas gracias
  15. RASRX7

    RASRX7 New Member

    ill get it...but to let u know..its real rough..i havent cleaned that part up yet..but since the table sits so can be seen..but i have 4 L brakets bolted to the table and to the glove box, through the door to insure that it can support weight and stay together when im bouncing down the road...rough drawing of what it looks like for now..

  16. RaCinStylez

    RaCinStylez VSC Super Moderator

    hmm...thas interesting...
  17. Ender-DI

    Ender-DI New Member

    Is it pretty stable like that? Doesn't look like it would be...
  18. RASRX7

    RASRX7 New Member

    depending on the thickenss of the brackets..mine are about a 1/4 inch holds up pretty well.its been in since the 21st of last month...the only prob is when you open the glove box door..if you dont pay attention itll rip it off when it drops open....i figure also that it will hold up only enough..cause if you make it super sturdy..when you get in an accident..its either your passengers kness or their necks...decapitation is not an option...hehehhee...table come with a safety warning on them...for off road use only??? i wonder why??? ;D
  19. VIP808

    VIP808 New Member

    Looks really good.
  20. japchef

    japchef New Member

    I cant see the picture... anyone else have one of these tables in their cars? post some pics so i can see how you did it. :D

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