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Discussion in 'Interior' started by blakuza, Feb 7, 2012.

  1. blakuza

    blakuza VSC Vendor

    Anyone here ever change a Garson table from right to left hand drive if so was hard to do? I'm thinking of getting one for my 3GS and I hope I can get it to work. I would appreciate any help I can get thanks

    BLKVIP Member

    look jp vipdout he custom makes them. for a better price than garson. theirs no way to convert a rhd to lhd besides making a whole new one.
  3. romeo291

    romeo291 New Member

    Some dude on here took a RHD one and made it into a LHD one by basically making one from scratch using the same design but backwards and recycling all the parts.
  4. normandie

    normandie Member

    It can be done if you want to put in the work. Basically you will need to take the table apart, carefully peel the molding, remove the cupholder trim and flip the table. Drill new mounting tabs and prep the bottom of the table which will now be the top. I covered mine in vinyl since I can't find a good wood laminate source.

    Original rhd table:


  5. blakuza

    blakuza VSC Vendor

    seems like a lot of work to flip it to rhd. im going to just put in rhd for now i like the way the garson looks
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  6. Blitz

    Blitz Active Member

    junction doesn't make it? they make a line of RHD tables.. or hit up VIPDOUT and he can make one with several wood choices.
  7. EliteAutoStyle

    EliteAutoStyle VSC Vendor

    We've converted a few Garson tables to LHD. Unfortunately the original wood pieces cannot be used and need to be made from scratch. only the trim, rings, coasters and pots can be reused. Here's a few examples of our conversions for a couple of our customers


  8. Jea

    Jea New Member

    Are you sure Garson makes tables for 3GS?
  9. blakuza

    blakuza VSC Vendor

    yeah they make one i got it lol
  10. Jea

    Jea New Member

    Mind to show the photo? LMK if you plan to sell it. I have a RHD 3GS! lol
  11. blakuza

    blakuza VSC Vendor

    i might want to sell it. its the black wood one
  12. Jea

    Jea New Member

    mind to pm the price you plan to sell?

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