Garson Interior Build-Up

Discussion in 'Interior' started by VIPCel, Jun 8, 2007.

  1. VIPCel

    VIPCel New Member

    yeah i know whatcha mean the wheels do look small at times with the massive arches. the offsets arent that conserative with the amount of dish (lo disk clearance) but yea could be alot more extreme but i need a car to go places, not to the cop shop getting it cleared every month :) still with the UCF11s the inner clearance at the front isnt much and when driving low up front the inner arch/tyre still scrap inside on turns, so if i want to go wider and drive low will have to do more mods to the inner gaurd setup.
  2. Dominik

    Dominik VSC Super Moderator

    Dion! Long time no speak! The car looks amazing in those pics! What mag is that going in? Will have to pick that one up....

    As for the rim fitment, i agree that is about the most you can do in S.A. For those outside of Australia, this is the strictest state in Australia when it comes to car mods, where pretty much any modification is illegal. Any 'poke' would result in an instant fix-it ticket... Stuff like that just doesnt fly down there!
  3. VIPCel

    VIPCel New Member

    Hey Dom how are ya! Ill let you know which one, still organising it. This was for a friends forum, ill send ya some info when its up!
  4. Yokotas13

    Yokotas13 Banned

    this thread is the one that made me get the Garson seats for my wifes car

    however, my fitment isnt all that great.
    some parts are a little loose, with no way to tighten it..but not a big deal
  5. VIPCel

    VIPCel New Member

    =) well least the thread accomplished something. Which one did you get?
  6. Yokotas13

    Yokotas13 Banned

    she got a tan/pink type Jewel, silver jewel, pink stones.

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