Garson Interior Build-Up

Discussion in 'Interior' started by VIPCel, Jun 8, 2007.

  1. Yokotas13

    Yokotas13 Banned

    ya know
    thats the style of VIP car i likethe badass extreme shit

    But i would cut a bitch if she leaned on my car
  2. GLuXuRy

    GLuXuRy New Member

    damn those seats look extra comfty
  3. VIPCel

    VIPCel New Member

    haha Yokotas13 i got her to wipe the bonnet after :smiley:
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  4. Damicci

    Damicci VSC Super Moderator

    looks good but I am with Yokota, better be some high quality booty if that was my car and some girls were lwiping thier ass all over it. lmao
  5. rusher

    rusher New Member

    I wonder do Garson custom make cushion covers for other makes?
  6. Dominik

    Dominik VSC Super Moderator

    Mainly just vip sedans, and some wagons/kei cars. They wont do one-off ones for your car though
  7. Googookid

    Googookid New Member

    thumbs up that badass car.....I'm drooling all over now hehe
  8. VIPCel

    VIPCel New Member

    more to come soon...i've dismantled half the car again for a major audio install...getting
    0g through the firewall is fun :)
  9. widebody_Q

    widebody_Q VSC Super Moderator

    Looks great interior and exterior. Im digging the widebody and the front end conversion. Post some more pics of the exterior on the gallery section so more people can see it.
  10. VIPCel

    VIPCel New Member

    few more pics of the trunk interior


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  11. HotBox009

    HotBox009 New Member

    ^Sick! Garson logo etched in the glass.
  12. VIPCel

    VIPCel New Member

    ive been waiting for someone to say that! Admiration's logo (ie my bodykit) is also down the bottom
  13. ebruce2

    ebruce2 New Member

    your ride is absolutely top-shelf, man! Very nice.:biggthumpup:
  14. MR. LS400

    MR. LS400 Member

    Beautiful car. I do have a Q though, about how much did you spend total on kit? I understand shipping to the states will change the price, but I am just looking for a ball park figure. I would appreciate it greatly because I want to redo the interior of my ucf11 as well.

  15. VIPCel

    VIPCel New Member

    it was awhile ago when i got it and the exchange rate in Australia then was about 90Y = A$1 dollar. Now its 106Y = A$1 which has made it even cheaper. But if they haven't changed the price it cost me over a grand aus to get it made. The cost for the 2 lines are 100,000Y and then add about A$300 for commision for someone to do the order sheet in japanese, get it, pack it and ship it. then add the shipping price - that is pretty cheap on EMS since it really light weight. If you know someone in japan who can do it and order it and write japanese should be cheaper on the commission side.

    As you can see just be careful what model UCF11 you got...if its a C-F or with a rear seat thats not one entire seat (split like mine is) then your in for alot of fun :)
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  16. VIPCel

    VIPCel New Member

    a few more pics



  17. MR. LS400

    MR. LS400 Member

    Thanks for the info, but unfortunately (in the luxury aspect of it) I have the solid rear seat.
  18. VIPCel

    VIPCel New Member

    well that makes it even better to get the seats....they will fit perfectly and itll be much easier to put them together and install them
  19. MR. LS400

    MR. LS400 Member

    Yeah, that does make it easier, but once I seen your car and found out that the ucf11 came with massaging rear seats I became a little disappointed that I don't have that luxury.
  20. VIPCel

    VIPCel New Member

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