Full Body Tattoo's Gangster style!!!!

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Oyabun, Feb 1, 2008.

  1. bippU!

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    doms got ya covered. ;)

    my brother is a pastor/evangilist. he has been ministering in japan, new zealand, korea, for over 30yrs. he has been led to minister to young and old, but mostly bikers and yakuzas and mma fighters in japan, and also maori bikers in new zealand.

    one of the yakuza (mr.suzuki) was in the subway when he heard my bro sharing the gospel message. he was not happy with what he had to hear at the time, and went on his way. few days later, mr. suzuki came back looking for my bro, and said to him that "what youve said had changed my veiw of things in life". making a long long story short, many of the yakuzas (high ranking in their district) have left the life of yakuza.
    yes, strange but true. ex-yakuza, ex-hells angels who gave their lives to the Lord. theres a short docu on youtube regards to mr. suzuki.

    my bro has a M.C. called the "Lords Angeles" spread about japan. not all are christians, yet the purpose is to enjoy the brotherhood, and having the same interest in motorcycles. theres a documentary on a video that i have, but not sure if thats on youtube?
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    thats whats up. you can only live that life for so long before you start to look for something better. or end up dead or in jail like they always say.
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    heres an updated video that ive found on youtube. he has changed alot (softer) since the last time he was staying with me and my wife.


    yup, its just matter of time when things come to its place. live by the sword, die by the sword.

    broad is the gate that leads to destruction, and many go through it, yet narrow is the road that leads to life and few choose it . . . .

    even thou my brother is not involved in the yakuza, he is inderectly involved by these ex-yakuzas and their decesions that they have made, yet he's not worried of what may come about to him and his family.
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  5. bippU!

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    lol, heres another . . . .


    and for that special lady . . . .


    PANCAKES! Most hated - DIVA...!

    Damn that shit fooled me! HAhhahahaha!
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    Hahaha same here

    IMO, those shirts look so cheesy & tacky
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    yeah, i guess you cant fake the funk! lol. ;)
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    How come they are SO expensive? I've seen some sleeves that we're like 30 bucks...I might rockthose just for fun LOL.

    Do you know of anybody in the states that can replicate these yak tats?

    or do GOOD Japanesque art?
  10. JN.FYC

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    My brothers friend has something similiar, it's pretty crazy its on his back & chest and he has a tattoo arm sleave. pretty fucking og.

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    WOW! 16 hrs is really short for a full pack piece cuz both me and my buddys sleeves took 24+ hrs i have a japanese dragon on my right arm and thai buddist prayer on my chest that took about 2(although that was done in thailand the traditional way)
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    traditional japanese is fairly simple and pretty popular so a lot of artists can do it. never hurts to find a specialist though. ask around and check out some portfolios. get ready to spend some dough though.

    time varies from artist to artist. i know a guy in houston that is so fast its rediculous. hes also one of the best.

    INYOFAZ New Member

    That is true no argument there
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    Miami Ink? I ain't local, so I don't know about them 1st hand. But since they got a show on Discovery channel (where I lived), they can't be that bad?
  15. firelizard

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    Apparently the Garver guy there is good at Japanese style :shrug:

    Of course they're not gonna say anything bad on TV though!
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    Fuggit, I want a tiger on my back like that tat shirt.
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    here some pics of my friends and my home girl..

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