FS: Insurance Group coilovers RUCAs and Toe arms for Y33

Discussion in 'Suspension' started by eightsixgts, Apr 17, 2008.

  1. eightsixgts

    eightsixgts New Member

    Unfortunately, as stated in my car FS thread, I will be parting out my complete Y33 suspension for stock replacement.

    I bought my Insurance Group coilovers through Van at OneTonGarage, who can feel free to chime in here to authenticate the sale. I waxed the coilovers before I put them on appx 2,000 miles ago and they ride amazing for coilovers, extremely smooth and not stiff or bouncy one bit. OutaUrLeague can vouch for the ride since he test drove the car himself. Right now I have the car lowered appx three inches from stock and they can go another inch or two lower which is basically riding on frame rails.

    I'm interested to trade my Insurance Group coilovers RUCAs and Toe arms all together for your stock replacements + cash(asking $1600). Whoever is looking to put a complete suspension on your Y33, here it is, no waiting to get coilovers made and imported.

    Please contact me at te7two@gmail.com if interested

    Selling together as follows:
    Insurance Group full-tap coilovers with front pillow ball camber plates
    Topspeed S14 adjustable RUCA's
    Topspeed Z33 adjustable Toe Arms
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  2. Outaurleague

    Outaurleague New Member

    Felt i would chime in. This setup was amazingly smooth as i drove the car, lol very aggressive at that. You really cant tell that you are dropped as low as you are. The springs do look as if they can go another 2 inches and still not compromise the ride much. Bump for a great deal, great product, and cool dude, btw Andy, i need to get you your VIP mag back.. lol i haven't forgot.

    Good luck with the sell, hows the GS coming?
  3. Tito Escobar

    Tito Escobar New Member

    Where you located at?
  4. eightsixgts

    eightsixgts New Member

    Columbus, Ohio
  5. jubei07

    jubei07 New Member

    Very interested, please check your email.
  6. C4 President

    C4 President New Member

  7. eightsixgts

    eightsixgts New Member

    replied to emails and PMs
  8. eightsixgts

    eightsixgts New Member

    Coilovers are SOLD!

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