FS: COMPLETE DIGITAL air suspension kit 98-02 accord/ 99-03 TL/CL

Discussion in 'Suspension' started by vzuptnguyen, Apr 24, 2009.

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  1. vzuptnguyen

    vzuptnguyen New Member

    FS: COMPLETE DIGITAL air suspension kit 98-02 accord/ 99-03 TL/CL !!! NEW PRICE!!!

    NEW LOWER PRICE AGAIN!!! Updated May 20th
    I need money for stock investments


    i have for sale my used Digital air suspension kit for which ive only had on for about 6 months. The kit is from Easy Street and this kit is practically new. It comes with all components and hardware needed to install and get your car running. The best part about the digital kit is everything is plug and play unlike conventional air systems, this is easier than installing your own audio system. No splicing or anything. The digital kit also has a digital controller in which you can clearly view your pressures, adjust height according to memorized settings, and also a auto leveling system. This system basically will add more air to the inside struts during a turn, so that your car is level when you make a turn. Not to mention the struts are also 9 way adjustable for maximum performance and comfort.

    98-02 Honda Accord Coupe/Sedan
    99-03 Acura TL
    01-03 Acura CL


    Air struts - Easystreet
    Digital System - Easystreet
    Compressor - Viair

    Kit Includes:
    - 2 Front 9-way dampening Air Struts
    - 2 Rear 9-way dampening Air Struts
    - 8 3/8" exclusive chrome 300 PSI Valves
    - Viair 380C Chrome Compressor
    - 5 Gallon D.O.T. Approved Air Tank with 8 1/2" Ports
    - 1 Digital Easy street air gauge/controller
    - Nickel plated D.O.T. push to connect fittings
    - 145-175 PSI Pressure Switch
    - 1/4 air fittings
    - 50' of 1/4" D.O.T. Approved Air Line for your Gauges
    - Detailed Installation Manual


    I'm asking $1900 OBO for the Complete kit. This kit cost well over that amount, not to mention i also upgraded for the digital kit which is a couple more hundred. Retail is over $3,000.

    You can view Easystreet website here for retail pricing and information.
    Regular kit
    Upgraded Digital System

    I accept paypal, cash, money order, cashier's check, and official check

    -Your paypal must be verified with a bank account and home address
    -Cash will only be accepted in person
    -Money order, cashier's check, official check will only be accepted from Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Chase, or Citibank

    Shipping and pickup:

    Located in northern Orange County, CA for viewing and local transaction.

    I can ship the entire kit although i prefer local sales and will give priority to the southwestern region first.


    I have an extensive history of online sales and purchases in which i would be more than glad to show proof of if needed.

    -First off, my Paypal is verified through bank account and home address under "vtn53@yahoo.com"
    -My eBay has is at 100% feedback with (80) transaction. It is listed under "vzuptnguyen"
    -you can also view my iTrader feedback rating on vipstylecars under "Vzuptnguyen" as well.
    Many reputable users here can also vouch for my sales integrity and ethics.


    Cell: 714 260 7694
    Email: jdmconversion@gmail.com
    AIM: stayhumbIe

    Please do not hesitate to ask any questions, throw any offers, or request any pictures.

    Although I am mainly firm on my very low pricing, I believe there is no such thing as lowballing. If you dont try, you'll never succeed.
    Last edited: May 20, 2009
  2. vzuptnguyen

    vzuptnguyen New Member

    $1700 OBO!!!
  3. SKperformance

    SKperformance New Member

    got actual pics of it?
  4. vzuptnguyen

    vzuptnguyen New Member

    they are still currently on the car. do you have a friend that is interested?
  5. SKperformance

    SKperformance New Member

    He is thinking about it , but i know he is cash strapped for now as his wedding is next month .
  6. vzuptnguyen

    vzuptnguyen New Member

    congrats to him. tell him its still at OBO and i dont mind any offer thrown..always worth a shot.

    and thanks for letting your buddy know!:biggthumpup:
  7. vzuptnguyen

    vzuptnguyen New Member

    NEW LOWER PRICE AGAIN!!! Updated May 20th
    I need money for stock investments

  8. SKperformance

    SKperformance New Member

    Can you post pics of your car ,full up and down and where everything is mounted.
    That way i can start to tease him since he loves my easystreet system .
    He's a baller in training , a micro baller if you will. LOL
  9. SKperformance

    SKperformance New Member

    BTW are you interested in a trade plus cash for tein SS's for it as well?
  10. vzuptnguyen

    vzuptnguyen New Member

    sure ill post up more pics later on as i dont own a camera but ill post what i have now first

    and sorry no trades, im done with car tuning at the moment. investments > cars haha


    my friend is on SS, and me on air.

  11. jtom516

    jtom516 New Member

    sold yet?
  12. jdmerik05

    jdmerik05 New Member

    will it fit 97 acura rl
  13. civiceg94

    civiceg94 New Member

    Will these be able to fit on a 04 acura rl?
  14. vzuptnguyen

    vzuptnguyen New Member

    hasnt been sold yet but i have one prospective. as for the fitment on the RL's ill call easystreet and let you guys know the answer.
  15. ExecutiveKoala187

    ExecutiveKoala187 New Member

    WOW..nice setup....glws dude..and good luck in the market!
  16. civiceg94

    civiceg94 New Member

    i wouldnt mind swiping the credit card for this setup its pretty cheap compared to 4,000 lol
  17. mansumaui

    mansumaui New Member

    do you still have the kit im from hawaii and wanted to know if it will fit a honda accord 03 if you do still have the kit and it does fit my accord how low r u willing to go
  18. inspired1

    inspired1 New Member

    Sorry, the kit has been sold to someone else already.
  19. Avantgarde

    Avantgarde VSC Super Moderator

    Congrats...bummer i just saw this, lol
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