FS: 19" Volk Racing SF-Challenge wheels/tires

Discussion in 'Wheels and Tires' started by Triple8Sol, Jun 25, 2009.

  1. Triple8Sol

    Triple8Sol New Member

    Selling a set of Volk Racing SF-Challenge wheels & tires in Silver. These are the best available widths and good offsets that allow you to fit wider rubber. These are in great condition...no bends or curb rash. Just took them off the car and had them balanced this week.

    19x9.5 +28 / 19x10.5 +23
    These DO clear BBK.

    255/35/19 & 285/35/19 Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 w/70-80% tread. You should already know, but these are the BEST and most expensive high-performance street tires you can buy. They perform very well in dry/wet with great treadwear and minimal road noise. These are the ideal wider sizes to give you a wider contact patch and more grip.

    Also includes:
    Valvestems and the newest style of Volk centercaps. Redesigned with a double o-ring so it will never fall out.

    The wheels alone retail for $2800. The tires alone retail for $1600. That means this setup costs $4400!!
    Asking just $2700 including shipping, careful professional packaging, and Paypal fees.
    Scroll down for PRICE DROPS. As always, Paypal payment only (unless you're local, of course)


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  2. Blitz

    Blitz Active Member

    hey whats up! This is ty423 from CL
  3. Triple8Sol

    Triple8Sol New Member

    Hey what's up! How's the Q?
  4. Triple8Sol

    Triple8Sol New Member

    I had a couple offers that fell through, so I'll offer the same price to everyone:

    PRICE DROP = $2600 shipped !!
  5. UcanTry

    UcanTry New Member

    im very interested in these...............can you email more pics to spoolings@comcast.net

    and what is the bottom line price if i send payment asap? emial it to me with the pics
  6. Triple8Sol

    Triple8Sol New Member

    The pics I posted show the wheels most clearly of the ones I took. I do have a couple pics of them on my car, but really fuzzy camera phone pics that aren't really worth posting.

    I just lowered the price, so it's a pretty killer deal as it is. Feel free to PM if you have an offer, I guess.
  7. Triple8Sol

    Triple8Sol New Member

    Still Available
  8. Triple8Sol

    Triple8Sol New Member

    By request, here are the wheels on my G. Sorry for the low-quality iPhone pics.


  9. Triple8Sol

    Triple8Sol New Member

    Alright, I really need these sold so...

    PRICE DROP = $2500 shipped !!
  10. Triple8Sol

    Triple8Sol New Member

    Remember, the price is all-inclusive, including $75 in professional packaging and materials at the shipping place, nearly $100 in Paypal fees, and around $200-250 in shipping fees!

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