FS: 19" Leon Hardiritt Ritters

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    Selling my set of Ritters; trying to do version 2.0 different setup for WEKFEST Texas. I can include tires that is entirely up to you and rather you want to pay for them
    19x10.5 +25
    [do not clear bbk I had to use 8mm spacers; which I ended up doing all the way around]

    All wheels are in great condition with the minor rock chips from normal road condition.. One wheel has very minor scratches that can be buffed or finish done on the inner barrel which was my passenger rear. Overall I give them an 8/10

    The tires that are on my fronts are 215/35 federals approximately 60-70% tread
    Rears I have brand new Nankangs 235/35

    With tires get 2300 obo plus shipping + paypal fees

    Without 2000 obo plus shipping + paypal fees

    I am located in Kansas so likelihood I get a local will be rare I know. contact via email james.huynh@cox.net

    ImageUploadedByVIPStyleCars1380122761.138772.jpg ImageUploadedByVIPStyleCars1380122786.336183.jpg ImageUploadedByVIPStyleCars1380122810.768221.jpg ImageUploadedByVIPStyleCars1380122851.769465.jpg ImageUploadedByVIPStyleCars1380122877.369631.jpg ImageUploadedByVIPStyleCars1380122902.540909.jpg

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    looking good man, if they are around after my deployment I might see if the wife will come off the funds for them. glws
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    thanks sir. LMK im wanting a diff set in mind already...I want to move em
  5. illest

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    2000 shipped no tires/ 3" up front 3.5" in the rear
  6. illest

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