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Discussion in 'Interior' started by augdogg, Mar 17, 2008.

  1. berlinas2k2

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    Still no DIY by Augdogg after all this time?
  2. Damicci

    Damicci VSC Super Moderator

    Doesn't seem to hard if your good at fabricating. I just can't figure how to mount with out drilling and bolting into the dash like some tables are done.

    PANCAKES! Most hated - DIVA...!

    The one I have that was made by zion has brackets that use the screws/bolts from your glove box for mounting. No drilling required. Stay tuned though I've seen rumors of another member cookin some ish up =)
  4. VipDout

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  5. Damicci

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    Kind of what i was thinking. Oscar you got pm.

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