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    Up for sale is my project/ show car that has been under construction for over 3 years. It has been babied and pampered since i bought it in 2010. It has literally been driven less the 3500 miles since the time of purchase. I bought this car with the intent to keep it in the family and turning it into a complete SHOW CAR that could be a daily if i wanted to. I am now selling it for personal reason. My loss your gain, you will not find a cleaner, smoother running GEN 2 GS in this condition anywhere!

    Paint is flawless. All the body work was done by Platinum VIP Motor Sports in Irwindale California ($5500). These guys have a great reputation for building one of a kind, one off project cars that have been showcased at SEMA for the past few years. The GS was color sand and buffed for a show car finish and equipped with the revolutionary Platinum VIP Phantom Cup Kit ($3500): PLATINUM VIP Phantom Cup Kit on Customer's Infiniti M/ Fuga - YouTube

    The Phantom Cup Kits sits on top of an adjustable Megan Racing Coilover suspension kit ($999) along side some 20' VIP MODULAR VX210 (5500) with a custom SHOT PING wheel finish wrapped in Toyo Proxys 225/35 and 245/35(1600). These wheels do have a slight stretch to them for the extra VIP Stanced look: VIP Modular wheels 20" chrome step lip vsx-210 - YouTube

    The rear quater panels on both sides of the car were custom flared to fit the 11 inch width of the Vip Modular VX210 wheels. It was done with all sheet metal not bondo. ($2500) This also allows the car to sit with natural camber verse a ridiculous negative camber that will eat through your tires!

    The car is also equipped with CUSTOM RETRO FITTED HID HEADLIGHTS. The internals were taken from a Lexus LS430 beam and ballast then retro fitted into the existing GS300 headlight. Both HIGH and LOW were done to help achieve the look OEM factory feel.

    The fog lights were also replace with OEM yellow flog lights in the GLASS version not PLASTIC!

    The rear tails were replaced with the updated version of the Gen 2

    The car has an Alpine double deck head unit with Navi and Blue Tooth. 2 eight inch KICKER subs with a custom rear wheel well box. 1 JL digital amp. (3000)

    Blue UV Tint applied by TINT PROS including windshield. ($650)

    There are too many mods to list but i will attempt to list the bigger and more important details/mods of the car.

    *Bodywork, Paint, Mods and all Exterior Application done by PVIPMS
    *Admiration body kit - Fitted/ shape/ applied by PVIPMS
    * Phantom Cup Kit Front/Rear - PVIPMS
    *Custom flared rear quarter panels
    *Megan Racing Coilover kit
    *VIP Modular VX210 9.5 front with a 3 inch double step lip. 11 rears with 5 inch double step lip
    *ToYo Proxy 225/35 front 245/35 rear
    *Anti UV 6 window Tint including the windshield
    *Alpine In-Dash GPS Navi Double Din head unit INA-W900BT
    *2 eight inch Kicker sub
    *1 JL digital Amp
    *UPgrade taillights to newer model

    Im sure i am missing a lot here but i have invested over 25k into this build to get it to this point. The only thing left is to finish the interior and you have yourself one of the cleanest GS300's anyone will ever see. It does have a salvage title prior to my purchase due to theft. But this car has been completely redone besides the stock motor and interior. Runs smooth, no leaks and the motor is all stock so you dont have to worry about smog or it breaking down. I was thinking of swapping it for a 2JZ but decided not to since it was a VIP style car.

    Any questions just call 310-497-5342 Please call or email for a quick response. I am not on here very often so i may miss your post.

    Please dont lowball me or waste my time. This car and i have had a lot of history and even though do i cherish this chariot, its time for it to find a new home...

    17k obo
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    This for sale thread is approved by me

    - John
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    hey do you still got the gs if so hit me up i would like to get more info on it if you still have it... thx my email is hit me up if you still got it or not thx
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    I think Chuck sold his GS a while back.
    seen this car in person flawless!
    whats up Chuck!
    super cool people too way down to earth

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