few Qs about jap car radio/tv/dvd

Discussion in 'Electronics' started by alpha, Jul 28, 2009.

  1. alpha

    alpha New Member

    sup guys, last year i bough a pioneer double din touch screen blah blah blah radio, it has built in tv, today i bought tv aerial for it,
    plugged it in, went into tv mode and managed to find C4, got mint sound quality, but no picture, and being a jap import i have no clue how to flick it into picture mode so i can actually watch it.
    im sure there is a few Japanese speaking guys who might help me.

    any of you guys have any clue?
    here is a few pics
    this is tv menu(what is it saying on that note right at the bottom)

    this is another menu where i can switch between radio, tv/dvd and hdd but noticed another button mid row 1st on the left but cant get into it...
  2. Dominik

    Dominik VSC Super Moderator

    The message at the bottom says "while driving, please enjoy listening to sound only"

    I believe the problem is that the unit thinks you are driving all the time. Handbrake sensor might not be connected properly, or it needs to be connected to the speedometer

    Mid row on the left on the second pic is digital TV
  3. alpha

    alpha New Member

    cool thanks dom!
    um i could find any cables for handbrake or speedo tho, or does it need to be hardwired?
  4. ExecutiveKoala187

    ExecutiveKoala187 New Member

    Post pics! I want to see this
  5. alpha

    alpha New Member

    pics of what?
  6. nervekiler

    nervekiler New Member

    u said its pioneer... you gotta ground the parking brake wire to view video when driving... also many brands also require you set the parking brake to acess certain functions (like setting GPS points and/or some bluetooth features as well).

    the parking brake wire is a small wire coming off of the parking brake.. usually near the base. u should be able to tell its the wire u need becuase u can see the switch moving as you set and release the brake. when u pull, in most cars, it will see ground. this is the wire u need to tap into.
  7. alpha

    alpha New Member

    thanks mate, already solved all the issues, have to get nz tuner and dvd player to get it to work.or get RCA cable for my iphone, if i want to watch videos.
    we managed to play some videos on a dvd my mate had without grounding it to parking brake.


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