Few pics of my GS

Discussion in 'Lexus/Toyota' started by disgraced, Aug 8, 2015.

  1. disgraced

    disgraced New Member

    Hi guys just been a while so thought I'd post a few pics of my car.
    Just another Black GS really ImageUploadedByVIPStyleCars1439021330.309136.jpg ImageUploadedByVIPStyleCars1439021344.789300.jpg ImageUploadedByVIPStyleCars1439021356.574498.jpg ImageUploadedByVIPStyleCars1439021368.591374.jpg
    Work eurolines 19" 9/10
    Double Din pioneer with DVD and reverse camera Digital Designs speakers and Orion amps
    Kbreak coilovers
    Led tail lights.
    Kazz grille next week
    Going to get a roof spoiler and run factory rear spoiler just for something different.

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  2. SPhoto

    SPhoto New Member

    Nice & clean! Great start. Always liked the euroline DH's. I would rock those as dailys.
  3. disgraced

    disgraced New Member

    Thanks Man. Its I like the euro look too.

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  4. disgraced

    disgraced New Member

    Kazz grille on

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  5. timmy0tool

    timmy0tool Member

    welcome and nice start. so these cars came as lexus's down under? i was thinking they were badged as toyota aristos just like japan. cool!
  6. mlracing

    mlracing Member

    Can be either. Mine's Lexus but heaps of Aristos around, most the Aristos are turbo, Lexus not
  7. disgraced

    disgraced New Member

    Hey thanks for the support.

    Down under, from factory Lexus only sold the GS300 in the 2Gen.
    No 400s or 430s were sold from the showroom to my knowledge.
    Toyota generally only give us the weakest models of their whole line up so the only Aristos, or any JZ turbo engined cars for that matter, are imported from Japan in reasonably small numbers.

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  8. disgraced

    disgraced New Member

    Happy to get some constructive criticism...
    Thinking about reducing camber on the front and adding 5mm spacers all round to get that bit more flush.
    Always liked the admiration pinstripe in Silver, Gold and chrome.
    JP hood mascot or Garson crown emblem.
    It's heading a bit traditional old school which I like but want it to be a bit modern too.
    Any help?

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  9. MaxiNone

    MaxiNone New Member

    i love how car sits with those wheels (specs). the grille looks pimp. as for the spoiler, i personally think most cars look good without one unless its a flush mount type spoiler.
  10. disgraced

    disgraced New Member

    Yeah I just put on a roof wing so it looks less boring for now.
    The Spoilerless look is probably what I'll end up with but there's welding and painting involved so I'm just sitting on that for the moment. Trying to keep a look out for a factory Spoilerless spare trunk to make it easier.
    +25 0 disk are the specs if that was a question.

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  11. disgraced

    disgraced New Member

    ImageUploadedByVIPStyleCars1441097455.268552.jpg ImageUploadedByVIPStyleCars1441097373.628579.jpg ImageUploadedByVIPStyleCars1441097387.395459.jpg ImageUploadedByVIPStyleCars1441097406.963640.jpg
    Few pics of the other day.

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  12. sojah

    sojah Member

    looks good.
  13. Nagaya

    Nagaya New Member

    GS is the best, I like is car

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  14. juvi22003

    juvi22003 Member

    Tasteful mods !

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