Falken FK452's have you had problems?

Discussion in 'Wheels and Suspension' started by jubei07, Aug 23, 2007.

  1. jubei07

    jubei07 New Member

    This topic was somwhat discussed in another thread, I thought it warranted it's own thread. I currently have Falken FK452's on my y33. One rear tire already has separated inside the sidewall and it has been replaced. Now my other rear tire outer sidewall looks like it has some bumps developing (like the belt is starting to separate like the last one, inside had long bubbles on sidewall). Recently it seems this issue seems to be popping up on the forums numerous times, specifically the Falken FK452 tire. I have a feeling it may be the tires. If you have had the same problem please chime in.

    If you have different tires, please provide the Manufacturer and Tire Name and tell your experiences (good/bad) with those tires.
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  2. the stretch on my rear tire 255 35 20 on 20x9.5 is getting un-even.

    I had to change out my front fk452 because they were freaking way toooooo LOUD. It may have also had conicity issues because it pulled really hard to left, swapped the wheels and pulled to right.
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  3. Damicci

    Damicci VSC Super Moderator


    Running 225/35 on 19x8.5 Front Passenger seperated in 2 places replaced and now the passenger front maybe giving me problems.
  4. jubei07

    jubei07 New Member

    Damicci, these were FK452's too?

    Qoozy, my fronts are getting loud inside car too, especially during stopping. Camber is non-adjustable for now, but toe is right on.
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  5. Damicci

    Damicci VSC Super Moderator

    Yes they are FK452. I bought a full set. The rears seem fine but the Driver side front went out first and now The car is getting a weird vibration, I haven't driven for the past 2 1/2 weeks since I was in Japan. I try to check the wheel tonight on the front passenger side.
  6. cielo_man

    cielo_man New Member

    i had 225/30/20 and 255/30/20 both falken 452, all i can say is damn that tires were loud, never had any bubble or stuff but just loud/hum
  7. Damicci

    Damicci VSC Super Moderator

    Okay checked today and my passengers need to be replaced also.

    Is there something we can do with Falken to get these warrantied or get a refund. I shouldn't have to buy 6 tires for a 4 wheeled vehicle.

    Andit's obvious there is an issue with these tires.
  8. cr00klyn718

    cr00klyn718 New Member

    whew and to think that i was gonna get me a set of 452's.

    NOT NOW!
  9. hahajoey

    hahajoey New Member

    i had a fk452 which had like bubbles all along the sidewall.
    it was really messed up, when the shop dismounted the tire,
    there was like an AIR SEEM all the way around the inside of the side wall..
    usually if u hit a pothole or something, it would only be in 1 spot.
    not completely all around the sidewall..

    they replaced the tire under warranty, but we're waiting on falken to
    see how much of that tire's value will i be given credit back for.

    but my other tires are fine, so are 2 of my friends. they are
    on 452's as well, and the tire life seems to be pretty decent.
  10. jstyle

    jstyle New Member

    Can you guys post what the load rating is on the tires you are running.........and the one your cars calls for?:thelaw:

    My 94'Q45 calls for 95 load rating , Im running 92 in the front, 95 in the rear.

    My first set of tires were Falken ZE 512 (92 load rating), never had a problem with them.
    Second set were nittos (92 load rating), front separeted about 14 months later.
    Third set Falken ZE 512 (92 load rating) only had them about 3 weeks, and hopefuly will last as much as my first set.

    Never had a problem with my rear tires......which have always been the correct load rating .

    Maybe load rating has something to do with your problems?
  11. OCKlasse

    OCKlasse VSC Super Moderator

    You guys are scaring me. I just bought some 452s and they have been good to me so far. They are much quieter than my Dunlops...
  12. augdogg

    augdogg VSC Super Moderator

    Yo, i've been rockin Mich/pilot/sports, and they are great tires, nice performance too!
  13. Damicci

    Damicci VSC Super Moderator

    You talking Load/Speed? or Load weight? THe spec chart has 2 sets of loaded numbers.
    The Numbers closest to what your descrbing are Load/Speed and for 225/35/ 19 its 88Y
    Which I was running in the front. Seems pretty low for Tire design for luxury vehicles.
  14. jstyle

    jstyle New Member

    Load as in weight capacity.

    You are running 88Y which can hold 1235 lbs. compare that to a 95 that we should be running.

    95 =1521 lbs.
  15. bippU!

    bippU! New Member

    i purchased the FK452 245/40/19-F & 275/35/19-R just recently. i'll keep a close watch on mine.
  16. Benji

    Benji VSC Super Moderator

    I'm sure some of you saw my sidewall bump thread, but yea, I've had 3 front 452's with inner sidewalls bubble up and replaced. I want to blame the tire mounter for being inexperienced for damaging the sidewall while trying to fight the tire's sidewall to fit over the lip, but not sure if its him, or my driving, or from reading this thread, maybe the actual tire design itself. I can say they are much quieter than ST115's. Now after hearing that other people are having similar sidewall bubble issues, I would like to fine another tire that is good for stretching and quiet without the liklihood of failing early. I'm thinking about going back to ST115's since 235/35/19's and 245/35/19's are still available at tires.com and they never bubbled up on me, though my previous ST115's were mounted by an experienced tire mounter. They also have a higher treadwear rating which may help out for my added camber. Now when I think about it, any of you want to buy my 452's?
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  17. Damicci

    Damicci VSC Super Moderator

    lol I think the last thing people want to buy is 452's right now, My shop here has an account with Federal so I will try a set of thier tires in the same sizing. and see if i have problems 19's for cheap can't go wrong.
  18. resauto

    resauto New Member

    Ive had problems with my 452s as well.....my steering wheel was steadily shaking worse and worse, so bad that my arm literally felt like it was falling asleep, When I came home and took the wheel off I had a bubble the inside of the side wall. I was running 235 30 20 on 20x9.5. My camber is almost -5 dgrees and Im driving a G35 coupe. Im running works VSXX wheels. I never had 1 problem with my toyos, bumps, pot wholes ect....no problems.....I think I made the wrong decision going with these 452s, If there is anything that we can do with Falken, let me know, I ended up buying a different size tire cause i didnt think the size I had culd handle it. It obviously seems like a defect in these tires
  19. elpresidente

    elpresidente Administrator

    I never had issues with any of my 452's or my customers for that matter and this equals A LOT of tires. Improper mounting can screw up the bead and cause issues. If it's mounted properly you shouldn't have any issues at all. To me this sounds like inexperience in dealing with stretched tires and the mounting of them. Why would I have not had any issues like this over dozens of sets of tires if it wasn't an isolated issue??? Know what I mean?
  20. Damicci

    Damicci VSC Super Moderator

    There is too many factors, I noticed my bubbles after we had our monsoon season which means when driving through flooded roads there is no telling what i might have hit. I am sure the guys that mounted my tires knew what they were doing as they have mounted stretched tires plenty of times. I have faith in them, I think i may have hit some potholes since when it rains in Tucson the roads literally fall apart. SO I am trying a different tire that will hopefully take the beating.

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