Fabulous Profounds on JZS 147 ??

Discussion in 'Lexus/Toyota' started by UcanTry, Apr 26, 2007.

  1. UcanTry

    UcanTry New Member

    One of my friends is looking to get these on his 1st gen gs, ive been looking around but i cant find a picture anywhere....does anyone got a pic of the profounds on a 1st gen gs/aristo....thanks
  2. dendogg420

    dendogg420 New Member

    u beat me to it.. thanx g!!
  3. EliteAutoStyle

    EliteAutoStyle VSC Vendor

    I'll post up pics of mine when they arrive :D 18x10.5 -8 and 18x11 -22!!! muhahaha
  4. dendogg420

    dendogg420 New Member

    good god man!! on a 1gen?? thats hott!!
  5. UcanTry

    UcanTry New Member

    in order for him to fit that hes going to need widebody....remember chris wheels the works on the silver gs were +7 and +10 and u remember what that looked like

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