droo's Black 98 Q45 build thread. (Royal Flush)

Discussion in '101 Builds' started by droo, Sep 27, 2011.

  1. Ronnie81

    Ronnie81 New Member

    it could be a number of things...the way they ran the rcas and power...and it could also be bad rcas or bad ground...btw is it an amp for the bass or amp for the highs?
  2. droo

    droo Member

    nice :biggthumpup:
  3. Mrs.Rodriguez

    Mrs.Rodriguez New Member

    For bass.
  4. droo

    droo Member

    got some little goodies in this weeek =)

    got the cima y33 grill

    also a set of visors =)

    swapped out the headlights to the bi-xexons black housing

    had to replace my stockies to these. :shrug:
  5. PopDizCollar

    PopDizCollar New Member

    siiiiiccccccccccc!!!!!! can't wait to see the outcome of this
  6. projecty33

    projecty33 New Member

    How do the Megans ride??
  7. GR6RR

    GR6RR New Member

    I'm gonna roll by TCS and snap some secret shots of your ride ;)
  8. droo

    droo Member

    they ride super stiff. lol because they're s13 track edition coilovers. i personally like the ride. others, don't like it.

    niiiiiiice :dance: lol
  9. droo

    droo Member


    photo from jordan mo @pursuit 3 this year. temporarily sitting on 18x11 0 / 18x9 +5. most current picture of my car. all i did was roll the back a little.
  10. ray316

    ray316 Member

    Looks good that was fast
  11. projecty33

    projecty33 New Member

    Black wheels and chrome grill dont flow IMO. Nice and clean tho

    That Orden in the back looks huge.
  12. GR6RR

    GR6RR New Member

    ^He should slap those Ordens on! Shiet'll be HARD yO!
  13. RITZY33

    RITZY33 Member

    what he said...lol
    Lovin' it bro, its tastefully modded
    and that pic helped reassured me to go with 18s now on mine after seeing yours and a few others slammed on 18s:biggthumpup:
  14. droo

    droo Member

    yeah, as i stated before they're temporary wheels. they're autodesign's wheels. just had them on my car for there booth. my wheels are currently in the works right now, and should be done shortly... i hope.. lol. the ordens in the back are currently on a ls400. loooks baaauussss
  15. Kouki Monster

    Kouki Monster New Member

    no one reads when they see hotness pictarz
  16. droo

    droo Member

    hahaha i'll try to get that up Kouki Monster
  17. Kouki Monster

    Kouki Monster New Member

    oh no what i am saying is they saw the pic but no one read anything. Its how you weed out the adults from the kindergartners :innoutrofl2:
  18. Brandicus

    Brandicus VSC Super Duper Mod

    Definetly off to a great start, and it looks like its in good hands :biggthumpup:
  19. droo

    droo Member

    hahahaha makes sense.

    thanks brandicus! next up is my official set of wheels ive been waiting on.
  20. OJAY

    OJAY Member

    sup droo!!! ur back and coming up fast man, good shit. looking forward to your progress

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