DIY leather seat cover install on lexus gs400?

Discussion in 'Interior' started by thumper, Apr 16, 2006.

  1. thumper

    thumper New Member

    i am considering buying new leather covers for my gs400 online, but the cheapest quote i could find from a local shop was $400 to install...!

    how hard is it to do it myself? i can find only generic install instructions on the net, nothing specific to the gs.
  2. BrianStyles

    BrianStyles Banned would be a great place to start.
  3. V8_Aristo

    V8_Aristo New Member

    It took 3 guys (including me) 10hrs to do Lexaristo's interior.

    If you are planning to do it yourself alone, be prepared to spend the whole weekend doing this project.
  4. dilemma

    dilemma New Member

    hey v8 aristo. where did u guys get the leather seats to put in lexaristos car.or is it custom made?
  5. tech126

    tech126 New Member

    If you have some automotive know how, I'm pretty sure you can do it..It just involves alot if taking things apart and be careful if it has SRS sensors built into the chairs.Just remember where things belong. Have alot of hog rings and pliers around would help also.

    I too am thinking of doing my vans interior in leather with a kit form Katzkin. I know I can do the seats but the door panels I need to source out.
  6. Wald GS

    Wald GS VSC Super Moderator

    My 2 tone leather seats were from

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