diy curtains?

Discussion in 'Interior' started by chmercer, Oct 29, 2006.

  1. slideshow240

    slideshow240 New Member

    mercer are these going in a 240?
  2. OrangeConeRacing

    OrangeConeRacing New Member

    Is RASRX7 still an active member?
    If you are still active, pm me with the info on how to fab up custom curtains. I'm rilly wanting to make my own curtains insted of buying some. There won't be much I do to my car that isn't a DIY project.

    If anyone else also knows how to do this please show pics and describe how it was done and what meterals you used
  3. aristo93

    aristo93 Active Member

    I made my own totally functional too ill see if i still have pics
  4. xiaphin

    xiaphin Member

    Ever find those pics?
  5. LS400RR

    LS400RR New Member

    been thinking about this lately. I would give it a shot when the time is right.

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