diy curtains?

Discussion in 'Interior' started by chmercer, Oct 29, 2006.

  1. chmercer

    chmercer New Member

    has anyone done this? i was wondering because this way i would have more options with fabric and such. but im not really sure where i could locate flexible curtain rod type material?
  2. hipermax_d

    hipermax_d New Member

    personally, it might be cheaper to just buy cheaper curtains, use the rails and hooks supplied and then make your own curtains.
    but if thats the case, then just using the original curtains would be even cheaper, but it seems you want a different style.

    I have thought about it at one time because i thought the only available curtains are garson. but when i went to japan and went to cainz (kind of like walmart) they were selling vistoso curtains for like $20. I bought 3 sets for all 6 windows and it came with curtain rails, plugs, hooks and the sliders. I did see an accessory package that sells theses miscellaneous stuff, but it might be harder finding these items than buying the curtain sets in the first place.

    IMO, curtains in my cars just for looks. I dont really open them, so they are always closed, therefore, i dont think choosing a different fabric would make much of a difference.
  3. RASRX7

    RASRX7 New Member

    i did mine ;)
  4. chmercer

    chmercer New Member

    any details rasrx7?
  5. VIP240sx

    VIP240sx New Member

    IS there anyway that you guys can think of to make them power? Like if I wanted to put them in my 240sx, I would just hook them up to the stock power seatbelts track and they would close and open when i open and close the door or just make a bypass switch. But what about a LS400 or anyother car, I think it would be a good project and the most lazest thing ever and I want it....haha
  6. Yokotas13

    Yokotas13 Banned

    easy way, get a small RC car motor, adn make a pulley system on the top, or some kind of small reversable polarity motor

    And chmercer
    no viceroy?
  7. Grant

    Grant New Member

    I think 75% of people putting these things in will keep them open 90% of the time... kinda pointless to motorize them unless you REALLY just want something unique to spend some time on...

    oh and viceroy is still in full effect. he's gotta have something to daily drive b/c his POS KA keeps f'in up haha
  8. Yokotas13

    Yokotas13 Banned

    On no, i jut figured id see it in his sig thats all, didnt know if it was the same one. He is much more mild mannered here that zilvia lol. I like this side of him.
  9. hipermax_d

    hipermax_d New Member

    more 99%
    these are all just eye candy. trust me
  10. chmercer

    chmercer New Member


    yeah its me

    zilvia is a pretty crappy forum so i dont really care if i get banned, but half of the time i get positive rep for being an asshole, so, either way.

    also i dont think you could really put curtains on a 240 even if you wanted to, since they have no window frame. you could mount the upper curtain rod to the window with suction cups or somthing, but that would look like crap and you couldnt roll down the window glass.

    and i want curtains so i can close them at night for highway commutes, i have dark tint but it would be nice to have somthing extra to take the edge off jacked up h2 highbeams with 50 cent hids dropped into the reflector housings.
  11. Yokotas13

    Yokotas13 Banned

    i want them on the wifes VW
  12. Grant

    Grant New Member

    You could always mount them to the top of the window frame and use some sort of weight sewn into the bottom of the curtains (think stage curtains or something) so that they'd hang closed for the most part. and then any sort of tie would hold them back normally...

    I'm just saying it COULD be done... not that it should.
  13. RASRX7

    RASRX7 New Member

    shorty power antennas...heheh..
  14. RASRX7

    RASRX7 New Member

    made a custom rail from steel tubing at home depot, bought materials from cloth store and had them sewn to in to mini curtains. used rope tassles to tie them in and L brackets to hold the top frame rail to the roof. total spent about $50. time spent about 30 min install. custom curtains. priceless..hahahhahha..jk..if you want more me..
  15. ebruce2

    ebruce2 New Member

    I've been checking out the Garson and Anceltion curtains and two things bother me. First, the price for what you actually get and second is the lack of functionality of these curtains. I would actually like them to open up and cover the entire window believe it or not. To me that would be sweet. DIY here I
  16. Style Boutique 1

    Style Boutique 1 New Member

    Anceltion curtains are far less expensive than Garson, but i think the Garson ones have better detailing.

    As for the "lack of functionality", i think it's quite the opposite. For example, if the curtains for the driver and passenger side could completely COVER the windows, you would not be able to see anything around you while driving (your mirrors). That would be quite dangerous imho....

    Not so sweet when you're "driving blind" :p
  17. ebruce2

    ebruce2 New Member

    True, but I was talking about being able to completely cover the windows for the times when you're not actually driving. Like a little private living room on wheels. THAT would be cool IMO.

    Your site looks incredible, BTW.
    Last edited: Dec 15, 2006
  18. widebody_Q

    widebody_Q VSC Super Moderator

    I keep mine open most of the time but when I have a girl in the back, I close them. People refer to them as the "sex cutains."
  19. acuraelin

    acuraelin New Member

    Yes Zilvia is a crappy forum.....
  20. cruznody

    cruznody New Member

    Got any pictures of finished product?
    Did the Home Depot run and was over whelmed of the possibilities and different ways to custom Pilar lights/ tables/ curtains/ and even a center console.

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