Dippin wood

Discussion in 'Interior' started by Kouki Monster, May 25, 2011.

  1. craigsb

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    No just a,480 under the tank..once I get time the tank will be dipped also..I didn't have room for it anyother place in the car..hatch area is full of audio, didn't want it under the car, so it went there..
  2. craigsb

    craigsb New Member

    Speedo guage off my scion xb..

    Close up of the grain..this is not a wrap sticker..its the same process that is used to do stock oem wood grain in cars..we have affordable prices. We are a new company and tryin to make a good name for ourselves..
  3. yxuxmadddd

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    Clean!!! Pm price for interior accessories
  4. BigMone

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    So what's best way to get more info?
  5. Seikensetzu

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    whenever I get my car back, I'll post some pics of the interior. I went to the place and he was working on my pieces and didnt even think about taking pics =/
    yes, Fail i know. I'm going over Wednesday though
  6. craigsb

    craigsb New Member

    Pm me and I'll get you a quote.. check my website gulfcoasthydrographics.com
  7. brainneeded

    brainneeded Active Member

    any heat issues yet with the compressor?
  8. craigsb

    craigsb New Member

    None.. I drove it from stlouis to Pensacola Florida no problems and to Atlanta and back and summer heat in Florida. No issues.
  9. speedaddict

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  10. prtaino

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  11. mex lex

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    Thanks for the links
  12. fresh_617

    fresh_617 New Member

    now that more people are doing this and its more popular are the prices still in the k range or have they been dropped down?
  13. craigsb

    craigsb New Member

    Depends on how much you need dipped
  14. visitor

    visitor New Member

    We have all the stuff at work to do this, but no one knows how to use it:eek:

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  15. OG

    OG Active Member

    there's only so much room for adjustment. this process involves prepping the surface, priming, base coat, the actual water transfer, and clear coat. it's basically a paint job with an extra step. i think a lot of cats getting it on the low are doing so because more people are offering the service and trying to get their name out.
  16. fresh_617

    fresh_617 New Member

    yeah that does make alot of sense guess ill do a little shopping around for prices
  17. craigsb

    craigsb New Member

    Primer paint and clear aren't cheap...

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