Diamond Stitch/Quilted/padded design??

Discussion in 'Interior' started by burgy, May 19, 2009.

  1. JMAX

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    So I bought all the material and actually it was easier to figure out the pattern in the actual liner than using the peg board: the peg board limits your design pattern to the size and distance of the holes; because I am using buttons that are about the size of a quarter the pattern was too 'close' and I was using too many buttons.

    I figured the center from the rear side of the liner and 5 inches in then used a string and a tape measure to mark where the holes will be every 12 inches creating a diamond pattern.

    Pics comming soon!
  2. Green Poupon

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    ^ Nice! By the way you move the pegboard around so you have unlimited reach :biggthumpup:

    Post pics when you are done!
  3. importart

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    big fan of this stitching
  4. shawnthemonster

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    how about mines...
  5. burgy

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    Nice, got better pics??
  6. berlinas2k2

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    I want to do the Clazzio interior for my Odyssey. Not many companies here even offer anything for it. :(

    KDI_CUSTOMS New Member

    As others have stated, diamonds take a long time to stitch correcty, but look hella baller when done. I have done these a few times for customers and everyone loves them!!!

    If you are putting buttons in, use a long tufting needle to pull your strings through once they are tied to the buttons. You can tie them off on the back of a headliner board or inside the seat. Tie them around a piece of cut coathanger, cotton batting or anything that is somewhat solid and will hold tention. This is the same way we do biscuit tuck interiors!!
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    i'm looking into doing something like this as well.... keep us updated....
  9. chancellor842

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    That bent is so hard
  10. dougdude10

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    where is your buddy in so cal? tel number? how much did he charge?
  11. Jason B

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    Same here. Anyone in PA that does this?

    So, if you just want the center area of your existing leather seats done, does the whole thing need to get replaced? It looks like on the infiniti, they just added the middle areas.
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    ....and a year later....

    We didn't want the interior of our LS to look like all the other diamond patterns that look like a bunch of boxes. We went with a modified Aston Martin pattern and only put it on the bolsters and side pieces instead of the center like everyone else is doing.



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