Diamond Stitch/Quilted/padded design??

Discussion in 'Interior' started by burgy, May 19, 2009.

  1. jtom516

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    that is some really amazing work, looking for a nor cal place to do the same
  2. undecidedvip

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    where are some shops in the bay area that do this kind of work?
  3. airestonia

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    My Honda Legend Coupe
  4. vzuptnguyen

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    nice legend! very classy interior.
  5. MR.J

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    mmm that interior in num num num num :biggthumpup:
  6. scion619

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    matching dash
    and headliner
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  7. Green Poupon

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    Nice headliner!!
  8. lowvanu2

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    sick Dash and headliner... see you went with the headliner design we talked about.. looks so sick.. cant wait to get mine done... picked up a new DD (another Odyssey of course), getting ready to put the other to paint and install... look for a build thread pretty soon.....
  9. nokcy21

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    scion619:: you got an amazing deal. got quoted $2k for inserts on seats only on my gs..
  10. scion619

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    I owe it all to you bro on the headliner idea mad props!!!!!!
  11. lowvanu2

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    Wasn't my idea, just something I saw... you executed though..
    Anyway, there's something new to view in my movie theater...... (a poet and didn't know it..) Oh, I have a great idea for the floor too. figured it out all on my own too :pat:
    .. you're going to love it I think... we'll have to talk later...
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  12. e30cabrio

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    The bottom one FOR SURE.
  13. JMAX

    JMAX New Member

    Green Grundel: what do you think of a vinyl headliner? (Vinyl as in fabric, not the 'sticker') You think DAP spary glue and stapled edges on turns would be enough? I got about 6 yards of the one that has felt backing and have been thinking of doing my headliner with that. Originally bought it to do my seats myself (yes i am brave to try new things plus my wife is a seamstress)

    Also, i would love to get more info on how to do the buttoned center inserts on seats; i am currently doing my interior and that is exactly what i want.
  14. Green Poupon

    Green Poupon New Member

    Buttons in headliner and Seats How To

    Short answer no. sticking vinyl to a headliner and having it stick for more then 6 months it difficult. In the old days they used buttons and glue to hold the vinyl to the roof. I did it once but ended up going a different direction. You can buy these kits that you wrap your vinyl/fabric around and press down and it makes you a button with your fabric. Use wire wrapped around a large washer to hold the button to the roof. Use a thin [1/4inch] layer of cotton under it to give it the pillowy effect. You'll need the buttons spread out in a diamond pattern roughly spaced 6" apart. The glue is used only on the backside of the headlight to hold the vinyl against the back of the headliner.

    If you are going to do the buttoned center inserts thats super easy. The layer goes:

    Top Fabric/Leather/Vinyl
    1/4" upholstery foam [it looks light green]
    Leather/Vinyl or head duty fabric on the bottom

    You stitch your pattern into the seats [like diamonds or whatever] then where ever they intersect you poke a button through and tie it tight so that it holds the vinyl on. There's a button tuck style but I could not possibly explain it on here.

    Hope that helps. - Grundel
  15. JMAX

    JMAX New Member

    hmm... a buttoned roof doesn't sound too bad either and I tought of it too... what if I was to do it like the seats but using a thiner pad?
  16. Green Poupon

    Green Poupon New Member

    what do you mean "thinner pad"? Like use the foam on the headliner? You can but it is expensive and heavy. Cotton on the headliner is a much better way of doing it then the foam. Much lighter and easier to work with. Does that make sense?
  17. JMAX

    JMAX New Member

    wow, you are the man! Cotton would work better. I also had the following idea (even though it is rather involved):

    -Draw a pattern on the headliner
    -Drill small holes (very small ones) to where either the quilted pattern or button the will be fastened to the liner
    -Then just technically sew the pattern into the liner and glue the edges

    What do you think of this?

    When I said thiner pad yes I was referring something thiner like the original liner but cotton would beeasier.
  18. Green Poupon

    Green Poupon New Member

    How to Button a headliner

    Haha there's no drilling in sewing. It'll tear up anything, I tried once.

    Ok this is pretty involved but i'll try and explain it the best I can.

    Take the headliner off of the car. Lay it down so the side that faces you in the car is facing up. Test fit the cotton by laying it onto the headliner. Cut along the sides of the headliner where it begins to curve upwards. You are going to need that to be headliner-on-vinyl for this to work right. Spray a coat of 3m headliner adhesive to the headliner and the back of the cotton. Lay it down on the headliner.

    Take your vinyl, which can have a pattern stitched on it or can be plain, in all honesty it doesn't NEED a pattern sewn in it because the buttons will create its own pattern. Spray a good coat of the adhesive down the bare sides of the headliner and lay the vinyl down. Don't worry about wrapping it around the sides we'll get to that later.

    Here's the fun part, I came up with this idea when I was super baked last year and it saves SO much time... go to home depot... and buy a sheet of pegboard. Then take the pegboard and using a sharpie draw circle holes to create the diamond pattern that will be where the buttons will go. Lay it on top of your headliner and get it as straight as possible.

    Using a pokey [I used a leatherworking tool but a tiny screw driver will work fine -do not use anything with a cutting edge like an exacto knife- poke a hole through the headliner/vinyl/cotton in each of the holes your circled. Now your button pattern is poked through the headliner. Remove the pegboard.

    Your buttons are going to need to be at least the diameter of a quarter, slightly bigger would be better. You are going to need some wire as well. The back of the button will have a loop. You do not want to use 4 hole buttons unless you are going to be stitching them into the headliner which is hard to do and have it come out even.

    Weave the wire through the back of the button and then weave both ends through the hole in the headliner. Should look like this:

    O <--- Button
    || <--- Wire
    X <--- Hole in headliner
    || <--- Wire

    Pull it all the way through. I used small washers because they are lightweight. Weave the wire through a washer and pull tight so that the button pulls the vinyl against the cotton and headliner [as this will create the pillowy pattern] and twist the wire around the washer like a twisty tie. Keep doing that until all the holes are buttoned. If you can't get the vinyl to stretch over the contours of where the sunvisors go use a hairdyer [preferably heat gun] and it'll stretch. I have wrapped things that I thought impossible with the help of a heatgun.

    And there you have it! If you have any other questions let me know.
  19. JMAX

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    YAY! Just what I tought!!!! So awesome! Thanks Sam! I will definetly post pics of the outcome! I also have an idea about the edge of the moonroof and the sunvisors:

    Do some kind of pattern around it... shit, i cant explain it but just watch!
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    green grundel you've got pm!

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