Dat VIP platform grs182 crown

Discussion in 'Lexus/Toyota' started by alpha, Sep 18, 2013.

  1. alpha

    alpha New Member

  2. TrancEpimp408

    TrancEpimp408 New Member

    you are the king with the crown!
  3. alpha

    alpha New Member

    lol thanks bro:)
  4. alpha

    alpha New Member

    bodykit in full swing
  5. bigniks

    bigniks Member

    Looks amazing man can't wait to see it painted

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  6. sojah

    sojah Member

  7. sojah

    sojah Member

    i just noticed this grill for sale.


    there is another aimgain grill here but looks like it needs a repaint for about 100 less.


    this is the site i check for all my local crown 18 parts from. obviously it is in japanese but let me know if you have any questions about anything on there.

    if you want to search for all the parts go to this site:


    then paste in this and click the search button:

    クラウンアスリート GRS18

    if you just search for クラウンアスリート you get all the athlete stuff. if you search for クラウン grs18 you get all the crown 18 stuff for all three variants. but i think you have the crown royal version which can fit athlete stuff but not majesta stuff. same here for mine. i can fit all the crown royal stuff but not the majesta stuff.
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  8. OG

    OG Active Member

    lookin good.
  9. alpha

    alpha New Member

    Cheers bro;) I generally get most of my parts from YAJ:) will look through upgrade when I'm back from my holiday
  10. TrancEpimp408

    TrancEpimp408 New Member

    that is super clean!
  11. alpha

    alpha New Member

    shit is happening yet again
  12. alpha

    alpha New Member

    so i screwed up one of my guards a few weeks ago, had to order a new one.
    finished rear quarters and painted them

    new guard with the kit
    new guard on, matty b that shit for now till it goes to a paint shop


    this is first time i actually drove on this setup, a few small rubbing issues in the front but thats an easy fix.

    this is its final height too, on this setup anyways..
    next year camber arms and more aggressive wheels
  13. alpha

    alpha New Member

    just driving around
  14. vip_factory

    vip_factory Member

    I like where this is going!
  15. Flint- UCf31

    Flint- UCf31 New Member

    That quarter came out awesome! Superb body work man, that last shot of it really shows how classy the Crown is..
  16. alpha

    alpha New Member

    cheers guys!

    Today i finally got around properly mounting my front kit. had to drill holes etc and make a few changes to bumper tabs as my wheels were rubbing on it.

    should be getting some paint next week so i can finally paint everything
  17. timmy0tool

    timmy0tool Member

    love how this is turning out! what color? same? new?
  18. jeebus

    jeebus Active Member

    Very nice. Always been a fan of the Crown.
  19. alpha

    alpha New Member

    same color bro. I might eventually change it, but lexus blue is a nice color i think:)
    cheers bro:)
  20. alpha

    alpha New Member


    all in one color now:)

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