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  1. Flecs

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    alright so im wondering about dashboards here (obviously) lol... so my question is this...

    in a typical VIP car... what would the dashboard be like?

    i have an xB... and im sure some of you know that the dash is pretty much just cheap plastic... what could i do to it to add some VIP styling? i think covering it in paint would look pretty ricy... im jus not quite sure what to do with that aspect of the car
  2. suspended

    suspended New Member

    i sanded the piss out of mine and got it painted to match the outside, i don't find it ricey at all honestly, if your planning on wrapping it, good luck, theres just too many factors that would make it pretty difficult and a lot of stitching honestly.....the airvents are part of the dash (on the outside), and i couldn't think of a good way to run those in with it, also all the curves on the dash when you get up to like the speedo cluster in the xB, either you would have to stitch the crap out of it, or you would have to have a leather dash with a pastic speedometer on top (a little bit too inconsistant for me though, but opinions are like assholes ;))


    heres a small pic that my buddy zack took in a show in orlando with my feather boa up for a show (please ignore my buddy matts cell phone, my water and my girlfriends camera case), sorry the detail kinda sux with the small pic, but in that pic, i have the glovebox, dash, and center a/c console painted black sand pearl, and i'm about to do all of my pillars in gunmetal with a gunmetal seude headliner

    if you want more detailed pics, i can try to take some, also m@ (friend of onetonvip) smoothed and painted his polar white back in the day, also if you look in the bB bible, there are PLENTY of vip boxes in there with smoothed and painted dashes....or the "puffy" dash covers ;)

    good luck with whatever you decide to do ;D
  3. Flecs

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    hey if you could send me some more pics that would be sweet! i have a PW and so far the only thing i have color matched is the speedo suround thing

    i think i would paint mine the same color as yours though... i think if i painted the whole thing white i wouldent like it... but mostly black with come white accents i think would look way better!

    my g-mail is tweak69695@gmail.com

    thanks in advance man!

    on a side note i love your boxes!
  4. OnTop

    OnTop New Member

    black with white accents.... noooo!!
    black with brush alu accents yes!!!
  5. Flecs

    Flecs New Member

    hmmm... it wouldent be very hard for me to fab some aluminum pices (now ya got me thinking!) lol
  6. Jay

    Jay New Member

    I wish I still had pics of the white fuzzy dash, that I had im my xB. It was pimp;)
  7. turtleturtle

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  8. boost_me

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    All that fuzz makes it sorta look comftable.....LOL :2funny:
  9. mdenoga

    mdenoga Active Member

    thats crazy. too much fuzz for me. but the black isnt too bad.
  10. TLontheDL

    TLontheDL VSC Super Moderator

    i live in texas and all that fur in a car wouldn't fly for me.

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