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  1. ebruce2

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    I have traded e-mails over the past few days with Steve hoping to have him make something for my GS400. He basically told me that the GS400 (due to its curved windows) is "not DIY-friendly" and that I "should not proceed". Meanwhile I saw his pics of the passenger-side rear of a Hyundai Sonata (also curved) with a full setup. WTF??? Can anyone provide a nice clean, fully functional curtain setup? Or do I have to call Mom and have her bust out the sewing machine??lol.
  2. nomad

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    There's some pretty sweet looking curtain setups around here
    I hope mine don't look too bad in comparision

    Originally I wanted factory Mercedes curtains but they are very rare and very expensive. A guy I know has a Mercedes like mine and it has factory curtains (rear-side and back window) they are of a far, far superior quality than the ones I now have...but I make do

    Just out of curiosity, did any Japanese car companies have a curtain option from the factory?


  3. EXE.UCF10

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    Yes, Mitsubishi apparently...

    It had curtains on the rear side windows as well. The curtain ties/straps had Mitsubishi labels on them.
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    i got the same reply from the guy for my g50 q45...i was just wondering how does the bar bend to the curve of the q45 front door frame to cover the whole window without the fabric itself being cut at a wierd would you just cut it in a rectangle to the lengh of the door from b pillar to the edge of the farthest part of the window?(which is quiet small.) If anyone would have pics that would be much appreciated.
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    you wouldn't happen to have an email that I could contact them for purchase, would you?

    checked out the site and was unable to locate any form of contact via email....

    any help would be greatly appreciated~!

  6. junjdm

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    yes i pulled up his site and wasn't able to locate a contact or e-mail number. Anyone?
  7. F.L.S.

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    The bars on curtain sets bend pretty easily, they have notches cut in them on one end about 1/2" apart to make bending for curves easy. However, the tape they come with doesn't hold well on the curved area so I got some outdoor 3M tape at Lowes. Nearly 4 years later, still holding strong.

    Nomad: I love your sig pic with the wolf next to the Benz, it's wicked!

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