Curtains installed with Double Sided Tape = FAIL

Discussion in 'Interior' started by CrazyHawaiian, Apr 8, 2011.

  1. CrazyHawaiian

    CrazyHawaiian New Member

    This is kind of a rant, but wondering if anyone has tried this a different way, or maybe has their own solution they would like to share. Not all curtains are created equal, but the installation method seems to be the same across the board. Mold the rails to match the window frame, and attach with double sided tape. This whole deal with double sided tape = FAIL. Apparently it can't hold up to driving with the windows down. My experience: The clip that holds the curtain strap just came off and flew out the window while driving. Gone forever. Then the next day, the top rail just falls on it's own while driving. Hanging out of the window on the freeway. What the F is this?! This supposed to be VIP, not arts and crafts!!! What have you done with your curtains, if anything, to secure them better? I'm getting ready to glue these bitches permanently. I'm also considering taking off the door panels, and having the rails custom molded into the panels / frames so that it's impossible for them to ever come off. Really disappointed with this.....

    PANCAKES! Most hated - DIVA...!

    LOL! Sorry I had to laugh at that. That does suck.....

    My curtain rails and clip has stayed on my car for around 3 years straight using regular 3m tape (red stuff/grey sticky). Mine are actually stuck on there so well that I think it'd be hard to actually pull them off undamaged. I did have the same problem you had w/ the clip coming off and the rails falling when I first got them way back but it's never happened in 3 years after that (has stood through cold/heat & windows down on the freeway). I think the trick though is to make sure that you clean the areas w/ alcohol first to get any kind of oil off the surface area, then make sure it's hot when you are installing the tape/rails, this will make the tape adhere to the surface better. Another thing I did that seemed to make it work better was I doubled up on the strips, instead of using 1 strip of tape, I added a second layer right over. Not sure how that might have helped but I haven't had any issues since.

    Agreed though, not very VIP when your shit keeps falling, pretty frustrating.
    Oh and definitely DO NOT do any gluing or modding like you thought about, you don't want these to be permanent cause you never know when you might get tired of them or need to sell the car. At the moment I have my curtains off but I keep the rails/clip stuck on so I don't have to worry about it again.
  3. str45

    str45 New Member

    I applied super glue on the tape and use like a big clips to hold it in place while it dried.. Didn't roll down window for 2 days
  4. Mr.Doback

    Mr.Doback New Member

    QFT. the red/grey 3m is the only way to go. mold strip to windows then wipe down with alcohol. Once clean, lay down tape, and heat up with hair dryer(not completely necesasry, but I prefer it and the hold is amazing) then line up and press firmly for about 20-30seconds. Give it a little time to adhere, then run curtains.
  5. jj702s1

    jj702s1 New Member

    Yup, just make sure the surface is clean before application. 3m tape is actually pretty strong if the surface is prepped.

    DIRTYATL Active Member

    cosign on the 3m tape i had mine on for over a year and was still secure when i took them off ( had to use a heat gun to remove the tape)
  7. Kouki Monster

    Kouki Monster New Member

    yeah dont install.. infact throw away or get real deal ones..

    the door panels i got from Qfour5 had the rail still stuck on it, and it pulling the rail off after heating it up tore the material!! such a pain in the ass.. main reason why i am redoing the door panels anyway..

    It looks cheap to me, so stay away from it. I know its a "big" thing.. but if everyone is so wrapped up on quality.. why rock something that ruins your interior
  8. CrazyHawaiian

    CrazyHawaiian New Member

    Well hey, thanks guys for your input. It looks like I should have just went and got better double sided tape. Don't worry Pancakes, I was laughing too when it happened. the rest of you guys, I appreciate the help. I'm going to use these ideas to secure my curtains better.

    The curtains I'm using are the Bellezza's. The curtains themselves are nice quality, the look, the feel, the thickness. The rail hardware seems a bit cheap due to the plastic pieces you use to cap the ends (does not always stay put), provided double sided tape was apparently garbage, don't even bother, just go buy the real deal 3m tape.

    And you know what, I'm gonna totally agree with Kouki Monster that these types of install methods look cheap. After it is installed (before it falls off), you can still see parts of the tape from the sides, really stands out on an all black interior car if the tape is white. And having the rails just attached to the door panel means they are raised up from the surface of the panel/frame, which is what really makes the whole thing feel cheap to me. I like the idea of curtains. I want them in my VIP car forever. If they were flush with the surface of the panels, I think it would look more "VIP". Like the rear window shades in my old F50. I'm going to look into ways to permanently install the rails flush into my window frame and door panel of this G50.

    PANCAKES! Most hated - DIVA...!

    The garson's are the same exact way

    It's not that bad when installed proper and people aren't gonna even notice if the rest of your car is looking right.

    The only reason I like curtains is because they do add a luxury/high end touch to the interior and because they really get peoples attention when driving. Other than that they are pretty much lame

    and if you want VIP jus do the phantom/maybach mod w/ the motorized railing system :biggthumpup:
  10. ExecutiveKoala187

    ExecutiveKoala187 New Member

    The 3m outdoor tape is the shit imo, its kept my jp hood orniment on for a year now and my curtains never came off when i used it.
  11. F.L.S.

    F.L.S. New Member

    I had to also LOL cause I didn't have mine in my Q fall out the window, but they did fall off. I also cosign on the outdoor 3m tape, I felt that if you ever tried to remove it, it would damage the door like Kouki said happened. I'm pretty sure they're still in the Q and that's got be close on 6 years now.

    DIRTYATL Active Member

    nah i used the outdoor 3M when i installed mine...when i finally got tired of them i heated up the tape real good (with my ol ladys hairdryer) and slowly removed it without any damage at all

    DIRTYATL Active Member

    cosign i had my hood mascot on with the 3m tape also...and removed it with heat also with no damage to paint
  14. nervekiler

    nervekiler New Member

    3m double side sticky tape works well when it is applied correctly!

    clean the surface, use alcohol rub pad or somethign similar but BE CAREFUL!!! some different types of prep may or may not damage the door panels material. for example alcohol pad will most likely dry out leather on a dash or door panel so TEST before you applied.

    make sure both surfaces are clean of grease, cleaners, and dirt.
    get the heat gun andheat the door up to get the mounting surface pretty warm but not too much where it damages anythign. get the tape sticky you can tell when its ready cause the surfaec texture will change and get orange peely.
    now stick it once and stick it good. get it perfect and straight the first time..there is no redo with this tape.

    i've even attatched rear spoiler lips and body moldings with this method. ad in some adhesion promoter (available by 3m as well) for an even stronger bond between tape and surface!
  15. elpresidente

    elpresidente Administrator 3m is the only way. Works a charm even with windows down on the expressway. My van curtains have metal rails both top and bottom, they are the only ones I could find that were long enough for my rear doors since they are nearly 6" longer than even the already long XJ doors. I don't even remember what brand they are..beggars couldn't be choosers, haha.

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