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Discussion in 'Interior' started by Inetba, Nov 24, 2010.

  1. Inetba

    Inetba New Member

    Hello, new member here, I used the search function but I still haven't found a definitive answer.

    My front windows are 31 inches long (787.5mm, 78.75cm)
    and 19 inches tall (482.6mm, 48.25cm)

    Rear windows are 28 inches long (711.2mm, 71.12cm)
    and 19 inches tall (482.6mm, 48.25cm)

    Is there any kit that will fit? Small is WAY too short, medium is close, and large is ALMOST there according to the DAD sizing chart and all of them are a little over half the width.

    Any support is appreciated.
  2. infini

    infini New Member

    So large is not tall enough according to the site? I would call Garson USA and see what they say.
  3. autofashionELROY

    autofashionELROY New Member

    if you go with garson their large fits windows ranging from 465mm - 515mm. as far as length they only make one size.
  4. lowvanu2

    lowvanu2 Member

  5. infini

    infini New Member

  6. upstategs4

    upstategs4 New Member

    what type of vehicle?

    as a reference point; the 98-05 Lexus GS uses size SMALL for the front and rear doors in both garson and junction produce brands and the fit is perfect..

    you're not really gonna find a name brand set (I don't think) with material that will fully cover the horizontal width of the window when "closed", the tracks they come with aren't that large either..
  7. str45

    str45 New Member

    Anybody know the size for the 06 M45?
  8. Lam

    Lam New Member

    Actually...check out for full length curtains ;)
  9. pmendoza502

    pmendoza502 New Member

    thanks for the links!

    i have a pair of bellizza's on back right now but it bothers me a little that they dont cover my full window, or even at least to that dinky rear triangle door window thingie
  10. OrangeConeRacing

    OrangeConeRacing New Member

    Hear is a useful qustion, can the curtain rods be shortened? If so I am thinking about running 2 curtains and each rear door so it will fully cover the whole thing. Also, if the cheep ebay curtains use the exact same rods as JP or DAD or whatever, with verry carful lineing up you could extend the curtain track for the rear. I think I'm gona just make my own curtain track and have custom curtains. That will probibaly solve all the ishues.

    We will see how things go.

    Also, just a tip to everyone with or getting curtains: that gap between the piller and curtain looks tacky. A cheep and easy fix to have it flush with 0% gap, get velcrow sewn onto the curtain or just juse the stickon kind and the other half of the velcrow will be put on the piller. Now stick together and prestow! No gap at all. I can't belive no-one does this.

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