Curb checked!!!

Discussion in 'Gettin' Off-Topic' started by mrbrian8, Mar 10, 2013.

  1. mrbrian8

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    Was in new orleans over the weekend, and witnessed the worse curb check i have ever seen!


  2. brainneeded

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    lmao on an SUV no less. that's what happens when you have low air in your tires and you hit something.
  3. Juzzo

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  4. KNEXX

    KNEXX New Member

    Dangg!!! That's amazing
  5. sojah

    sojah Member

    dude, awesome, well not for the driver.

    last week on the way into work i saw something hilarious while stopped at a light.

    so a little background info real quick... the curbs in japan are like 2" higher for some reason (damn metric system), and most cars (JDM non exports) are like an inch or two lower for whatever reason, even my wife's current kei box car that is similar to a scion xB is like 2" lower than her previous stateside xA.

    so i look over at a light and i see a japanese van that had just driven off a curb missing the two parking lot exits by like a foot on either side. the lot had an entrance and an exit and about 8' of curb in between, not sure why they didn't just make it one big flat entrance, but they didn't and this is what makes the story hilarious to me. so the dude must have seen the entrance and exit on either side and thinks he straight and drives right over the curb and lands about 1' behind his front wheels with the front wheels about 3" off the ground, on a front wheel drive car... i watch the driver and a passerby trying to shove stuff under the wheels while another pushed from the back and the driver is gunning the van and the wheels are spinning, but to no avail and i was loosing my breath from laughing so hard,,, then the light turned green and my day just got more dull from there.

    so in retrospect how do you undo that unfortunate situation. i guess you could try to jack up the van a little and then put something like wood or blocks under the front wheels and then lower¿ shiz is still so funny to picture their expressions while all this was going on, it was like a puzzle that they weren't qualified to solve ;)
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  6. Midway-VIP

    Midway-VIP New Member

    wow indeed
  7. mrbrian8

    mrbrian8 Member

    Lmfao, sum drivers are rere's
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  8. BAHC

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    my car is front wheel drive, so i run into this problem often. before i used to carry giant blocks of wood, i tried to use a phone book i found on the ground and tore it to shreds, sending paper everywhere hahaha. but basically, use a low gear and put shit under the wheel, or jack up the rear and slowly drive, pushing the jack with the car.
  9. sojah

    sojah Member

    you've done this with that nice TL in your pic above???,, daaaaaaammmmmmnnnnnn
  10. ME GUSTA

    ME GUSTA New Member

    good tip if i ever want to dismount my tires myself :smiley-rofl:

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