Consumer Notice: Warning on Used JIC from Japan

Discussion in 'Wheels and Suspension' started by jubei07, Sep 25, 2007.

  1. jubei07

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    JIC USA has been getting a surge of questions in regards to used JIC coilovers from Japan. We would like to address this concern. The typical phone call or email that we receive is that a the customer ordered the coilover from Ebay or other similar web based auction site for a very low price. What the consumer does not know is that 90% of these "used" coilovers are either discontinued or are heavily used and are no longer working.

    This poses a problem where the consumer now no longer has a working or discontinued item that JIC USA or even JIC Japan no longer has replacement or repair parts for. JIC USA would advise that anyone is considering purchasing used JIC coilovers from Japan or from any auction site to consider the following:

    - Does the Coilover come with a black spring?
    If so, then this coilover is probably close to being over 4 years old. The current JIC coilovers come with Purple springs.

    - Does the Coilover adjust ride height from the spring rather than the lower bracket?
    This will determine whether or not the coilover is a current model. All current JIC models come with ride height adjustability form the lower bracket. In addition, if they are non adjustable they may be SF-1 models that we are limited on repair items.

    - Is the Coilover offered only in Japan? Does JIC USA currently carry this model?
    If the coilover is limited at only in Japan, please note that compatability may be limited and that it may not fit.

    If you have purchased a coilover that is questionable, please contact us at (562)-803-6122 and we will do our best to resolve this for you. We offer a trade in program for current models as well. We may also still have replacement parts for discontinued coilovers, so please contact us for further details.

    - JIC USA Sales & Customer Service Dept.

    ** Please note that JIC USA cannot be responsible if we do not have any replacement parts that have been discontinued.

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  2. Kuroikaze

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    I'm glad I didn't buy an older set for sale not too long ago. I've also read customer service issues on other boards regarding repairs or rebuilds on jic coils. Good stuff!:biggthumpup:
  3. Dominik

    Dominik VSC Super Moderator

    Maybe its different here because JIC doesnt distribute in Australia, but there are several other suspension places that can and will rebuild coilover shocks for a reasonable price.

    In fact there are alot of people that just recommend bringing them to a motorbike repair shop, since they have all the tools to rebuild shocks - and do it for much less than regular suspension places.
  4. hondaboi

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    Does JIC, Cusco, HKS have manufacturing plants in USA that are able to rebuild these parts?

    I heard that Tien's have one in USA..
  5. mdenoga

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    Thanks for the info jubiei07! Thread is now STUCK.
  6. Kuroikaze

    Kuroikaze New Member

    From what I've read online on other forums, JIC USA does have a plant to rebuild with shock dyno. The problem is the parts needed to rebuild the older coilovers from japan are not available as stated by Jubei. Tein USA has the same capability to rebuild coilovers state side. Not sure if cusco and HKS has a plant in the US.
  7. hondaboi

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    Thats good to know that JIC has a plant in the states...

    but is there a confirmation about this? Just curious..because I dont know if everyone considers this factor when buying new set of coilovers.
  8. Benji

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    I've been meaning to call JIC on if they can still service SA-1's, but has anyone sent a JIC coilover out to another company for gas charging? I have a JIC SA-1 that is blown and will need an alternative if they can't do it, any help would be appreciated.
  9. Yokotas13

    Yokotas13 Banned

    wow thats pretty cool of them for sure!
  10. burgy

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    will be contacting you soon!

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