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Discussion in 'Interior' started by BIGGZ, Dec 9, 2008.

  1. BIGGZ

    BIGGZ New Member

    How often should i apply leather conditioner to my seats?i have'nt done it in about 2 months already.thanks!
  2. RotaryAE86

    RotaryAE86 New Member

  3. elpresidente

    elpresidente Administrator

    Use Hide rules. Their leather cleaner is awesome as well. I say do it every other month..or more depending on the humidity and temperature you live in.
  4. BIGGZ

    BIGGZ New Member

    im using Lexol leather far i like it.mainly cuz it smells pretty good.hehe.
    thanks for the link Dutch!
  5. OCKlasse

    OCKlasse VSC Super Moderator

    Are your seats coated or uncoated leather?

    If they're coated, a leather-specific conditioner will be of no use to you, as it just sits on top of the coating and does not actually penetrate down into the leather. What you need to look for is good UV protection, such as Finish Kare's #108 Top Coat (
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  6. BIGGZ

    BIGGZ New Member

    whoa,i dunno if it is or not.but im using it my LS430 if that helps determine it.
  7. eight08customs

    eight08customs New Member

    From what my interiour guy told me like on mine where its one of the highest grades of Trone leather you dont have to use anything..

    So far my leather has been in my car for over a year and the only thing i been doing to it is vacuming it and wipe it down with a moist towel

    and the leather smell still smells like how it smelt from day one.. ans still soft and un cracked..

    I was going to use conditioner but he told me not to.. I just listen to him becuase he is the expert. So far so good..

    dont know about factory leather.. becuase in my other cars no matter what i did the leather dryed up and started cracking. SOme times i think factory leather they short change and use the cheapest becuase in about 6 months the smell goes away.. and the leather dosnt feel like the leather in my xb.. it feel more stiff and not as soft..
  8. tommiedred

    tommiedred New Member

    The LS leather is coated so hide food will be a waste of money...keep using the lexol or get you some eagle one nano protectant that $hit is the bomb.
  9. jaynick808

    jaynick808 New Member

    i say leatherique! its kinda expensive, but it uses a reverse system that conditions first then cleans. sounds stupid but if you read into it it makes some good sense. they use that shit in museums n stuff to preserve centuries old leather.
    and like someone pointed out earlier, a bunch of stuff on the market just sits on the surface n stays oily without penetrating.
  10. OCKlasse

    OCKlasse VSC Super Moderator

    Only works on uncoated leather and is detrimental to the finish of coated leather. Ask me how I know :pat:
  11. F.L.S.

    F.L.S. New Member

    All stock auto interior leathers are coated.
  12. RotaryAE86

    RotaryAE86 New Member

    yeah, im in a trim and upholstery class right now at wyotech and my instructor told me to use this stuff (hes been doing upholstery since he was 9). i guess its mostly used in aircraft upholstery and supposed to be good stuff. i havent tried it yet but thats the stuff im gonna use on my new leather.
  13. widebody_Q

    widebody_Q VSC Super Moderator

    Im alittle crazy but I clean my leather every other day and condition it atleast twice a week. I use Zaino products mainly for the smell.
  14. jaynick808

    jaynick808 New Member

    hmmm... so far it works well for me! especially on the steering wheel. made it soft, makes me wish i had an LS460L. those steering wheels are plush.

    do u have pics of what happened? im not too worried about the long long term cause im either gonna sell the car or keep it n get modepar seats. hmm i should inspect my leather while the interiors out of the car n see if i can see any changes.
  15. jaynick808

    jaynick808 New Member

    me too! zaino is the shit , ive just been too lazy to drive to my zaino dealer to get more until i need more than just 1 type of product. =) i like the smell, but i hate how long the smell stays on my hands (i put the conditioner on with just my hands n massage it) i think it rubs off on my clothes too n sometimes people smell it on me and ask if its cologne? :shrug: doesnt smell like it to me.
    ive found their leather cleaner too be slightly harsher than i like. when i had off white interior in my old jag i over used the cleaner in certain parts and it got dry and the color got a little lighter. now i dilute it with less than an ounce of water and its cherry.
  16. widebody_Q

    widebody_Q VSC Super Moderator

    Thanks. I don't use the Zaino cleaner too often because it is harsh. I just use some cheap over the counter stuff to clean the actual leather and then I top it off with the Zaino conditioner. I love the smell but too bad it doesn't last that long. I use it in the house too on the sofas and my jackets lol

    I never tried applying it with my hands, ill give it a try. Girls love the smell of Zaino, it does half of the work for me :biggthumpup:
  17. jaynick808

    jaynick808 New Member


    u really gotta try it with your hands, comes out nice and you can massage it in without wasting the whole bottle as it absorbs into a towel. learned it from the zaino guy.
  18. widebody_Q

    widebody_Q VSC Super Moderator

    Thanks, ill give it a try.
  19. MaxiNone

    MaxiNone New Member

    sorry for bumping an old thread i didnt want to start a new thread since this was some what discussed. i just bought an ES 300 and the leather needs a REALLY good cleaning. from what i've read, the leather is coated (since its factory) and Lexol to clean it and Ziano for conditioner? there are some nasty stains and ink (as if a paper was sitting on the seat for a long time and the ink transferred to the leather) on the back seats. will Lexol clean that or is there some other cleaners that will clean that? i'm pretty much looking for something that will do miracles :/
  20. charli3m

    charli3m New Member

    Try using Leather Master Car Interior Ink Away. It can remove inks on leather and other interior pieces.

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