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  1. polobai

    polobai Member

    Lol thanks guys! I can't wait to get the new carpet and lower half of the door panels in!!!
  2. polobai

    polobai Member

    Thanks boss-I didn't see your sc there? I took "hottest VIP" at that show, I was surprised!
  3. polobai

    polobai Member

    ok, so its been a while since I updated this-the cinnamon is holding up great so far! I have made a few roadtrips and put over 2k miles on the car since back together-so its good to go! Here are some night pics of my tables/bottles all lite up :) I used LED strips mounted under them with a 9 volt battery to power them and a separate switch all built into the tables. This way I can remove the tables without having to worry about any wiring still attached to the car, etc.

  4. polobai

    polobai Member

    Lights on!
  5. polobai

    polobai Member

    center console and rear armrest with h20 bottles
  6. polobai

    polobai Member

    Lights on!
  7. polobai

    polobai Member

    a more clear one of the front table with the lights on

  8. polobai

    polobai Member

  9. Kouki Monster

    Kouki Monster New Member

    hot! love it
  10. nightsdrive

    nightsdrive New Member

    Looks amazing was wondering if the dye has faded at all was thinking maybe dye my dash black.
  11. VIPanda

    VIPanda New Member

    Wow.... I want to do this for a winter project ahaha
  12. irydedumpd

    irydedumpd New Member

    This is just ridiculous. Mad props to you man. came out freaking awesome
  13. blackanese

    blackanese New Member

    Can't believe I missed this. Love it!
  14. speedaddict

    speedaddict bippu cowboy

    nice work
  15. z168

    z168 New Member

    Awesome job! Liked the color combo of cinnamon, black and bone/tan
  16. brainneeded

    brainneeded Active Member

    i love this car.
  17. xfightclubx

    xfightclubx New Member

    your car looks bad ass and great job on the interior
  18. Brasil

    Brasil New Member

    i think its the first time i've seen that color looks amazing. also awesome progress pics
  19. chik-n-little

    chik-n-little Member

    The rear arm rest is clean yo ...
  20. JUICEDW140

    JUICEDW140 New Member

    Well done sir....

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