Discussion in 'Interior' started by polobai, May 6, 2011.

  1. xxjustimajinxx

    xxjustimajinxx New Member

    Nice work but I really think you should have done black carpet and dyed the bottom half of the door black also
  2. actolex

    actolex New Member

    Nice job.....never got into the whole bottle/glass thing....
  3. Gottagitmines

    Gottagitmines New Member

    Pretty damn fly sir.. Nice job!
  4. SumYungM35

    SumYungM35 New Member

    man i'm late as hell on this build... but man damn thats good work. well done sir. that color looks great.
  5. 00scotty

    00scotty New Member

    awesome conversion
  6. prtaino

    prtaino New Member

    Dudé what material whats use for the suade? that thing looks dark as hell awesome. Please send me a link for some information on where you got it
  7. Gm0_M45

    Gm0_M45 New Member

    what did you use for the black dye? looks good!
  8. visitor

    visitor New Member

    So you spray painted your seats and used cheap ass jo annes fabric microsuede? Not exactly illest as the cheesy sticker implies

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  9. SumYungM35

    SumYungM35 New Member

    This guy has no idea... Man read the thread before you go bashing builds

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  10. a100steaksauce

    a100steaksauce New Member

    U R focused

    very nice work
  11. mr.ka9

    mr.ka9 New Member

    i admire your workman ship, it turned out very nice. as some others said and i agree that you should have dyed the carpet and the bottom of the doors black as well as the headliner and upper panels just to continue with the black and cinamon theme.. and uuh wheneva u ready to take on another interior i got a car for u lol
  12. visitor

    visitor New Member

    Im well aware of what he did. Exactly what i said.

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  13. Ferndog760

    Ferndog760 New Member

    damn came out clean..makes me want to dye my interior black on my y33

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