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Discussion in 'Interior' started by ktang235, Apr 28, 2008.

  1. ktang235

    ktang235 New Member

    I wanted to know where I could get a woodgrain cigarette lighter, I saw one on a GS in a super street.
  2. vip tint+glass

    vip tint+glass Active Member

    this one?
    its from carmate, hit up autofashion for it. thats where i got it
  3. ktang235

    ktang235 New Member

    YES thats it!!! Love your ride man
  4. Hisiblim

    Hisiblim New Member

    Well if you search several shops i think you will get one. I have a shop where i sell cigarette lighters but i have not that lighter in my shop. So i want to tel you to search nearby shops to get it.
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  5. JDOX

    JDOX New Member

    Great first post!! Doesn't make any sense and 6 years after the last post. I'm sure op did not think to look at the seventh shop and stopped at six. Lucky for him you posted to look at several.

    Great job all around
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