CA: 5x114.3 Work Schwer SC1 20x9+38 20x10+34 with Tires $1600 FIRM

Discussion in 'Wheels and Tires' started by RITZY33, Jan 14, 2014.

  1. RITZY33

    RITZY33 Member

    Last edited: Apr 2, 2014
  2. timmy0tool

    timmy0tool Member

    good price for some dubs!
  3. jason

    jason Member

    Good way to get into VIP on a budget. GLWS
  4. GR6RR

    GR6RR New Member

    do these clear gs350 calipers.
  5. RITZY33

    RITZY33 Member


    thanks boss

    thank you
  6. C8V6C

    C8V6C New Member

    Too cheap...need to raise the price LOL
  7. Dranom

    Dranom VSC Super Moderator

    Good seller here! Vouch!
  8. RITZY33

    RITZY33 Member

    thanks gents! need to clear up room in my garage!
  9. tturbopimp

    tturbopimp New Member

    Do you know if these will clear LS430 front brakes?
  10. RITZY33

    RITZY33 Member

    Sorry your going to have to do your own research on that...
    Never owned a ls430 :(
  11. tturbopimp

    tturbopimp New Member

    fair you know what the center bore is on the wheels? If they were hub centric on that Q then I can answer my own question....let me know, thanks
  12. RITZY33

    RITZY33 Member

    Thats a 3rd Gen Lexus GS
  13. tturbopimp

    tturbopimp New Member

    I was referring to the car in your sig picture....I didnt realize that the GS pictured had the actual wheels on it that you were selling. Thanks, that answers my question.
  14. REC

    REC New Member

    Easy fix if they don't. Just slap on some hub centric spacers.
  15. RITZY33

    RITZY33 Member

    Bump for some cheap wheels! OBO on these
  16. Guider

    Guider New Member

    Interested for my 430 is there pics?on here they aren't showing up...
  17. RITZY33

    RITZY33 Member

    damn my photobucket is maxed out
    I uploaded a couple and pm'd
  18. mrbrian8

    mrbrian8 Member

    very interested sent a pm, thanks.
  19. RITZY33

    RITZY33 Member

    pending sale
  20. illest

    illest New Member

    Are these sold?????

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