building a VIP Stylized 9th gen corolla... yep econobox

Discussion in '101 Builds' started by ballistic1350, Mar 17, 2015.

  1. MaxiNone

    MaxiNone New Member

    i rarely come on to the site, i try to get on as much as i can but i'm definitely following up on this thread/build everytime i login. i really like where your direction is going with the corolla.
  2. ballistic1350

    ballistic1350 New Member

    My scanspeak d3004 tweets came in the mail last night. Now I have everything I need to start my a pillar pods.[​IMG][​IMG]
  3. ballistic1350

    ballistic1350 New Member

    Plan on putting the tweets and these dayton mids in my pillars. I'll have to fiberglass some custom pillars. First time for everything right?
    I'm also going to be cutting up my doors to shoehorn in some 8" midbass, again dayton[​IMG][​IMG]
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  4. MaxiNone

    MaxiNone New Member

    dang, i can't wait to see how them speakers will look on the doors.

    question, what kinda paint are you using to paint the door panels?
  5. ballistic1350

    ballistic1350 New Member

    Honestly not really sure. I might end up wrapping the lower half of the doors since the panels will need to be cut to clearance the 8" midwoofer. Ideally I would like to make the cuts perfectly surrounding the speaker such that I can just pop a grill on to cover the imperfections but we'll see how it comes together.
  6. MaxiNone

    MaxiNone New Member

    some gator skin vinyl would be tight lol
  7. ballistic1350

    ballistic1350 New Member

    Small update, got my grill in. Really feel like it helps the front end. I still need to find a decent lip though.
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  8. ballistic1350

    ballistic1350 New Member

    Got my fogs on too... really makes me realize how bad my headlights need to be buffed and cleared. So I called the people who did it less than a year ago to pass inspection and complained about the crap job they did. Bam appointment next week to get them redone for free

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  9. ballistic1350

    ballistic1350 New Member

    Had a few minutes to work on the car so I debadged the rear. Love the look, however the paint is badly pitted and you can still read toyota and corolla. I need to take some time and cut and buff it... hopefully it evens out


    I also found out the horrible black door trim is just attached with 3m tape. Pretty sweet! Maybe tomorrow I'll have time to pull them off.

    I also ordered some tires for my wheels. Went with ultra cheap nankang lol
    205/40/18 for the front 8" wheels
    215/40/18 for the rear 8.5" wheels
    still no news on when the coils will be here, since the bc ultra lows are made to order
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  10. TehSekzAccord

    TehSekzAccord New Member

    Nice progress man. Keep up the good work!
  11. ballistic1350

    ballistic1350 New Member

    Awful side moldings removed! Car is looking cleaner already. Can't wait for my tires to get here tomorrow then I cn get them mounted and balanced. One more step to a somewhat appealing vehicle... maybe get it to the point where it's hard to tell it's a corolla lol

    I'd really like to get the side mirrors paint match too. I feel like the black makes it look cheap... don't mind the steelies lol
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  12. MR.J

    MR.J New Member

    a lot of the guys have gotten out of the scene, or are just busy with their lifes.
    Thats why you young guys need to bring it back. :)

    I like where your build is going. :)
  13. 33flavors

    33flavors VSC Super Moderator

    shit got lame around here - if you dont like something and comment on it - your a hater so the scene and the environment has led to the the saying if you dont have anything good to say then dont say anything at all. people only want to hear the good things - cosign after cosign - nice whip - im looking forward to more progress - interesting

    I like the DIY approach - stylistically i would mash up a known Japan VIP kit to further emphasize that its VIP styled - not feeling the VIS lip kit or the platform itself
  14. ballistic1350

    ballistic1350 New Member

    Lol fair enough. I'll agree with ya no one comments either way, appreciate the feedback none the less.
  15. ballistic1350

    ballistic1350 New Member

    Side question... does all this new guy can only post in 101 even exist? I've posted elsewhere... telling on myself and all lol. If it does still exist, seems kinda silly with the lack of movement on this forum
  16. brainneeded

    brainneeded Active Member

    it made sense when we got a huge influx of noobs but now theres really only a lot of moderation in the for sell forums. like 33flavors said, people got butthurt when your opinions didn't mesh up with theirs and a whole lot of bickering ensued and eventually the forum just lost a lot of action. people love to do shit for the e-fame rather than just what makes them happy.
  17. ballistic1350

    ballistic1350 New Member

    Getting those headlights redone since they charged me to have them done just to get the car inspected... let's hope they last longer than a few months this time


    Also got 2 tires mounted since I'm still waiting on the other 2 to show up. Last night fedex didn't feel the need to knock on my door. They just left a tag saying I wasn't there even though I'd been there all night. Needless to say I'm pissed about that.
  18. chrispy

    chrispy Active Member

    I barely even post on here anymore. Everyone has moved onto Instagram but it's not the same. Honestly I like your build more than a lot of builds I see even though it's not the right platform. Everyone just buys a beat to shit LS or GS and gets stupid low offset wheels that will never fit, pull the shit out of the fenders until they look like bacon, then adds a bunch of camber with Megan arms and claim they are killing the game.
  19. gh0st

    gh0st New Member

    Everyone trying to get Instagram famous...

    We are having this debate on my local all-everything auto forum... the older crowd 28+ still posts and uses the forum but younger members have left and we don't get new members anymore as everyone joins 54 FB groups that are just absolutely awful to try to get information or help from. But whatever.
  20. MaxiNone

    MaxiNone New Member

    for the head lights you can try buying window/headlight tint. i had the same issue with my wifes car where i would buff them and a couple of months later it went back to gross. i bought a blue tint (with isnt that blue, just enough to show that it has a blue tint) and it made the car look better in appearance and i did'nt have to worry about the oxidation coming back/showing. i'll try to post a pic to show how bad it doesnt look. lol

    believe its due to that section being the only one with some kind of activity lol

    Ugh, my friend and i are always talking about this whenever we see cars on the internet. cheap everything on the car just for the e-fame :/

    so true lol

    another forum lost activity due to the Facebook page created. everyone used FB for quicker response. no one likes to research thing anymore.

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